[VIDEO] Solo Duster Liberator 1 - Sinist's ESF 0

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WycliffSlim, May 5, 2014.

  1. WycliffSlim

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  2. WycliffSlim

    Bump... because... come on.
  3. SafetyDance

    Wow what a horrible esf pilot.
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  4. Burevestnik

    No need to bump it, just wait and watch the comments role in.

    Great music choice btw.
  5. Rayzr

    Haha goodjob
  6. Dreadnaut

    On one hand, great work with the Duster...on the other hand, WTF are you flying with a Duster for? ;)
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  7. Dead soldier

    You have inspired me Wycliff, I shall now go and purchase the duster... and rage hard trying to a get a kill with it.
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  8. WycliffSlim

    This is why I'm flying a Duster.
  9. Trebb

    Probably the same reason I fly with the Hornets on my ESF. God those are so awful but I can't look away.
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  10. WycliffSlim

    I don't mind Hornets... they're kinda fun. Especially OHK on infantry.
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  11. Levtech

    And I thought I was good when I hit a mossie once with the duster...

    I challenge you to:
    Gold medal
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  12. WycliffSlim

    I'm halfway there... all of it solo :p
    I'm making a Duster A2A montage... it's going to be a thing.
  13. Levtech

    |............ T.......'.... .| ..I take it?
    |............./\......... ...|

    WE MUST START THE DUSTER REVOLUTION! No one will ever cry about the lib being OP again.
  14. ShumaKun

    Now try to kill him only using Spur
  15. WycliffSlim

    See... this is the problem with people these days. I give and I give and you all just want more and more from me :(
  16. vilehydra

    The duster may be an awful weapon. But god it is such a fun one to use in terms of feel.
  17. ShumaKun

    Don't think about like this, I saw many duster videos, but not even one good with spur, if you will not make it we will propably never see Spur again
  18. Yunzura

    For linking me to this gem of a page Slavek has earned 5 full 40 oz malt liquor purchases of his choice. I return for nothing less than Sinist dying.
    after i laughed repeatedly we tried to find another video of someone using this weapon with anything remotely resembling success.....nope. nada. this is the only clip in existence of this weapon actually working.
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    Duster OP
    Nerf Now

  20. WycliffSlim

    He better share those bottles of malt liquor.