[Video] Soft Point Ammo vs High Velocity Ammo

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by freeze, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. freeze

    hey there.

    I hope this video helps out to finally stop all the random guessing on what the different ammo types actually do.

    let me know what you guys think.

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  2. Immortal-D

    Very informative. Given that 'close range' can vary pretty wildly within a given area, Soft Point seems incredibly inefficient. I upgraded to it straight after purchasing my current rifle of choice, so I'm gonna see if I notice any difference going back to normal ammo.
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  3. freeze

    hang on guys, seems that the video is actually totally busted...

    I'll rerender and upload it again

    terribly sorry
  4. freeze

    alright, once again, terribly sorry:

    this version should work:

    cheers guys
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  5. Gwarh

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. It definitely clarified the topic for me.
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  6. Immortal-D

    I wondering if there was some aspect of the video I wasn't seeing, lol. For those who are having trouble following, forward to 3:46. That little red blip at the top-left is the range at which Soft Point is more damaging for all of a few meters. Sad face :(
  7. Raidashi

    no idea why this couldnt have just been a .jpg... Good info anyway...

    BTW, how much does the high velocity ammo increase the bullet speed?

    And wow... I like how the Softies are basically an overall downgrade.
  8. SinerAthin

    Thanks for reading my minds, Freeze.

    I was just wondering about Velocity and Soft Point.
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  9. Xiphos

    Good info.

    The value of HVA is in the increased bullet speed which is helpful for outdoor fights where infantry will sprint from cover to cover. Since bullet damage is always a multiple of 1000 rounded upwards and minimum damage is set to require just one more bullet to kill (ie. 1000/6 rounded up = 167, 1000/7 rounded up = 143, etc), HVA will not change the number of bullets required to kill on anything but targets with nanoweave and/or already wounded targets.

    SPA however will reduce the number of bullets required to kill between the 10-15m range by 1 on targets without nanoweave because right after the 10m mark all weapons require an extra bullet to kill.
  10. Atlien77

    he said in the video, that the amount is unknown
  11. XanderF

    Question - why are you assuming the line between the two points is straight, rather than a curve?
  12. Mietz

    So in essence both bullet types do absolutely nothing and dont benefit anything, except for the projectile travel time on HVA but with stronger recoil.

    Not worth even 1 cert.
  13. freeze

    well, most games handle it like that, but you're right, I can't say for sure that it's a linear graph
  14. Atlien77

    they actually do exactly what their description says.
    it's just not to the extent what people expect.
  15. LameFox

    So for the tl;dw: don't buy ammo types.
  16. Mietz

    I assumed people can distinguish hyperbole after 25 years of internet.

    I was wrong.

    I'm sorry.
  17. warcraze

    Wow man that was extremely helpful in clarifying a confusing function. Thank you for taking the time in creating the video and sharing this information.
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  18. MurderBunneh

    At this point I an say the only things I would cert into are Laser, suppressor and scopes. The laser although highlighting you with a red beam gives a benefit that you can clearly see. The suppressor is useful in many indoor and night fights and also kills muzzle flash.

    The grips I can say do very little. I used to think they helped but I took my advanced grip off my SAW today and saw no difference in my play. So really the grip has a downside because it is taking a rail slot that could be used for the laser which gives real benefit that you can see. I would say that the laser gives the biggest gain of any attachment outside of sights and scopes.

    Also I guess the extended mag would be ok too for the few guns that can use it.

    EDIT My views are based on NC guns which have very little horizontal recoil.
  19. Atlien77

    no worries, happens to the best of us
  20. pdog109

    Yeah pretty much.
    Before the patch i used HVA on the gauss-saw it was OK i did notice some improvement in longer range engagements.
    But following the patch the recoil added is just ridiculous its really worthless.

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