[Video] So that's the power of the 4th faction...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by freeze, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. freeze

    ...alright, I got your attention now ;)
    so don't complain because there are a lot of low BR kills.
    they just keep coming...for weeks now, the ranks of my enemies are flooded with new names... as incompetent as ever :D

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  2. MannyMaRRc

    seems legit :D

    which shotgun is that?
  3. Aghar30

  4. NeverWas

    that should be the thanatos
  5. FnkyTwn

    I watched the video and it seems your only "skill" is the ability to hit your space bar over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.......... otherwise my guess is you're lagging your *** off and you're just showing up as blips on their screen. Hopping little flashing blips that kill them. It probably got you reported.

    Bunny Hopping really is ridiculously overpowered and I can't wait till it gets the nerf it needs.

    OP should be forced to wear a pink tutu in the game for a week for as much pretty dancing as he does.

    You're a fancy boy!
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  6. AccelPrime

    Thanatos with 10 shots in the magazine? Nope.

    That is indeed the Pandora.
  7. Atlien77

    well, when you look at the name of the video... I guess it's the pandora ;)
  8. SinerAthin

    Dem bunny hops... I had half expected the Super Mario 64 theme song to kick in during the video.
  9. NameForForum

    Hopping is 100% not overpowered.
    If you can't kill a jumping guy then you should play another game.
    Jumping around is legit and think about the people do that in every other game too, more and less.
    Even in the movies they jumping around to get an advance.

    And what about the Light Assaults with their Dinosaur-Jumping ability? Why don't you complain that?
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  10. The Shermanator

    Jumping is known to mess with hit detection. It's an exploit consciously employed to gain an advantage.

    Frankly, if I had my way, jumping would be removed in favor of a vaulting/climbing mechanic using the space bar for objects up to a certain height.
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  11. NameForForum

    Then you should complain the hit detection to fix.
    And i played games in that you couldn't jump, it's the dumbest on earth and would break and destroy PS2 extremely.
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  12. The Shermanator

    How would it break the game if you could still accomplish the same thing as jumping, but have it restricted to where it's appropriate?
  13. Stormlight666

    They just need to bring back energy like in PS1 where jumping drops it down 20%. After a few hops they're in trouble and crippled for a few seconds out of breath.
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  14. FnkyTwn

    Nobody wants to take jumping out, and I know this is a game set in the fuuuuuture where "its crazy" and anything can happen, but grown-*** men don't hop up and down in CQC, and it completely breaks any and all gun design for the game. Lets all just have shotguns and hop around like idiots, hell.. let me cert my guys with an 'Always Jumping' option.. that would be swell.

    I'm not saying PS2 should be a "super accurate CQC FPS" game.. but combat shouldn't involve hopping around like we did more than a decade ago in games that allowed this broken mechanic. Next you'll be telling me we need to be able to dive at the ground and do the centipede because potato.
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  15. AngryPlayer

    I keep seeing these videos where the player goes around killing people who are dumb as sack of potatoes. I'd really like to see that on Mattherson once.
  16. Atlien77

    lol, you're funny

    you want a mechanic that is broken in EVERY single ******* game that has it.
    look at BF3 and the vaulting... how god damn broken it is especially when it comes to hit detection.

    all I see in this thread are ppl that expect others to run straight at them with a weapon that's only viable <5m
    it's pathetic... just like those guys that complain about strafing while firing.

    There are mechanics in that game that limit the effectiveness of bunnyhopping to an extreme degree.
    have you ever tried consecutive jumps? how slow you get by doing it?

    have you seen the insane COF while jumping? probably not.

    stop blaming other ppl for your own short-comings. if you can't kill someone who's jumping around, when you know exactly where he will land... then god forbid, learn to aim.
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  17. Bape

    Shotguns ...... why do all vs use the shotgun it funny how this is happening in all server. But running around with a shotgun that kill in 2 shot let alone auto im pretty sure anyone can do that. Not hating im just annoyed so many vs is running around with shotguns lol.
  18. Atlien77

    I get killed by just as many TR/NC shotguns as I do from VS players on all my characters.
    It's not like there's a difference between the buckshot-versions.
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  19. The Shermanator

    Quote someone saying that. You can't, of course. But I kind of want to see you try.
  20. ent|ty

    He he, i was about to reply "perfect shotgun for bunnyhoppers", but you said it first :D