[Video] Snipers getting knifed by infiltrator

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  1. Mahaut

    Meh. Only personally v6 when I just 1on1 an AI maw with my SMG, or when I kill that shotgun/carbine light assault looking for me for the third time in a row as a sniper... With my side-arm. Stuff like that. When the chances were obviously in the opponent's favour, and yet they couldn't do anything with it.

    These poor guys in the vid... Not only were they out-gunned, some of them were even aiming uncloaked and immobile. I countersnipe that breed all the time, but I don't congratulate myself for it. Then again, to each his own, and the vid is funny. Especially that part where the guy just cloaks and runs away rather than turn around and commi you in the face, and that one where you somehow manage to miss an immobile target at point blank range. Twice. With your knife. :p
  2. Rift23

    Do you mind if I repost this on the Destiny forums/reddit where everyone's scratching their head and wondering why Bungie wouldn't want open chat in their FPS MMO game?:)
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  3. FocusLight

    This never ever get's old. It even beats out counter-sniping. Most snipers don't actually move when they snipe, so when I see them shoot then cloak all I got to do is aim where they were and shoot back. Usually results in a clean kill. Best part is, because *I* move after every 1-2 shots, I only drop cloak when I'm already taking the shot, so I'm hard to counter-counter-snipe (snipe-ception?) and this seems to get people a bit mad.

    But seriously, flanking and dropping snipers who are literally tunnel-visioning on the base is hella-fun.
  4. RenegadeHelios

    Honestly, I just hit V-8 every time I kill somebody in CQC.

    I'm close to the Canadian border. It rubs off on you.
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  5. NyaR

    Because Destiny is a carebear game with a closed off universe where you fight the computer or engage in "duels" against other players. Top it off its main audience is going to be the guys who just finished playing Halo/COD and are 15 years old with a potty mouth who have to use a controller to type words they can't spell on a keyboard.
  6. TheKhopesh

    It's Hej.
    He's that fat rude kid everyone knew of at school.
    Because he can't figure out why no one likes him, he's even more of an *** in order to get a steady supply of negative attention, as it's the only kind his simple mind can manage to generate.
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  7. TheKhopesh

    I saw your station name "RenegadeHelios" and thought of something else. :p

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  8. NyaR

    We've never met - yet you have such a developed opinion of who I am that you leave comments about it from place to place. On one end of the spectrum: I'm playing a video game. On the other end: you go from place to place crap talking about someone you don't even know. I've got one thing to say to you: create instead of hate.
  9. TheKhopesh

    Says the guy who always insults everyone he kills.

    I don't need to meet someone to know what kind of person they are when they post videos of themselves constantly insulting others.

    If you see someone who constantly uploads videos of helpful significance and being polite throughout, they're most likely a decent person.
    If you see someone posting videos of running up, insulting, and yelling obscenities at the elderly, it's safeto assume they're an ***hole.

    All I see in your videos is you killing people and taunting them.
    Pretty clear indicator as to your decency (or rather, lack thereof).
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  10. NinjaTurtle

    This is my favorite thing to do. Snipers and Engineers sitting in turrets to.

    Working your way along a hillside taking out people 1 by 1 who are to busy trying to farm to notice the trail of bread crumbs being left is hilarious
  11. NyaR

    You're mad that I'm taunting players with in-game macro?

    Next you will be mad I am killing people with weapons you don't like.

    After that you will target the mouse and keyboard I use.

    All until I do things your way, then you will stop spreading rumors about me.

    What a gentleman you are. I'm so sorry for being rude to you.
  12. asdfPanda

    You derive your happiness from other people's frustration?
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  13. Camycamera

    yup, i do this as well. it's great for getting knife kills to get Araxium on it :p
  14. TheKhopesh


    I am not mad.
    I am merely reaffirming the statement you've already made via your actions pertaining to the extremely low quality of your moral fiber.
    It is apparent that you, sir, are a despicable human being who thrives on negativity and hate.

    That is all, good day.
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  15. -Synapse-

    I don't get people who get all up-in-arms about taunting. I mean c'mon, it's one virtual character making fun of another, and it's also part of the game. Stop being so sensitive.
  16. Hatesphere

    He thinks hes getting a rise , but I doubt that people even notice he taunted them or even care as much as he thinks. But hey whatever keep him going I guess, its a game. I would be more concerned if he was out TKing for the lolz and posting videos, not just using chat macros while killing enemies. I personally use taunts differently, and so do others. for me its more of a good fight but I won thing, for him in that video it seems to be muscle memory that triggers every time the kill notifier pops up.
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  17. Abstracted

    Except for 1 or 2 being BR56/7, they were all under BR16. Basically, people who are new to the game.

    Do it as a heavy instead of being another infiltrator. ;)
  18. Winfield

    These posts so much. I thought I had a bad ego when I was playing, I was wrong.
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  19. NyaR

    When I have a good fight I thank the player for it using v1. However, I don't think any less of you for taunting someone who gives you a challenge. Perhaps you get "a rise" from "insulting" them, I prefer to enjoy the fight. As for my taunts, I hope they encourage the player to seek redemption and provide me with a good fight and a future adversary. The people who cry from it are inadvertent victims of their self-manifested psychological issues.

    Projection, if I've ever seen it. Bonus points for using the logo of a cyberterrorist organization in an attempt to look classy. And although your vernacular verbiage may confuse your adolescent acquaintances it fails in effect here and leaves your writing naked in its puerility and hypocrisy.
  20. Winfield

    Wow, you truly are just making it worse for yourself.

    If you ever want to be a proper youtuber or whatnot...get off yer high horse buddy.

    Because I can't see you from down here.

    (Now you can commence the comments of your "Godhood")
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