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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by belthazor3457, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. belthazor3457

    I made a video comparing SMG's to carbines, and also to shotguns to an extent (and infiltrator automatic scout rifles, but the result for them is something most can guess). Please skip to 3:55 in the video to reach the carbine comparison. The template carbines used are the Lynx for the TR, the GD-7F for the NC, and the Serpent for the vanu (as those are close quarters carbines and I felt would be the best carbine-contestants vs SMG's)

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  2. Heen

    Nice work, good to know. I have actually been using the TR SMG in my engineer, it might be just me but I love it for its ability to be silenced while still having great hipfire. I use on my anti-sunderer mine loadout. However after watching your video I will be trialing the lynx.
  3. Izriul

    Wooo VS get a worse gun, I'm so happy.

    I always use NS11-a as VS, so hearing that crap about constantly cried about the guns makes me giggle considering I think it's the best gun we got (personal preference I guess) Now, I've been using the SMG a lot and I actually love it (not for medic though, NS4lyf) so I can't wait to get the whine when using this too.

    Nice video though. You should probably apply for a job as a graphic artist.
  4. Blarg20011

    those are some of the best illustrations I have ever seen, I especially like "Dakka+More Dakka+Your gun=shooty pwnage"
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