[Video] SirCerealBox Gunplay: NC12 Sweeper

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CerealBox, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. CerealBox

    All of the footage here is Light Assault. I wanted to leave the last bits in because it has some good light assault stuff in it. Notice how I use the biolab height to my advantage.
  2. Iridar51

    Oh wow. That is... pretty godly.

    Liked the serpentine you did to escape TR medic to the biolab jump pad, baws moves. But the last part, with a fight for the cap point... Jeez. One LA and one MAX against the world. And not doing so bad.

    I'm surprised at some players' reactions though. Whenever I hear NC shotgun shots nearby I'm smart enough to be on my guard and perhaps hunt down the shooter, not stand obliviously lobbing rockets at some distant stuff.

    Also you may have destroyed any respect I might have possibly had for Rogueghost, you killed him two times, and both times it was extremely sloppy, and he should've gotten you both times.

    EDIT: My guide has been falling short on up to date shotgun videos, so if you don't mind I'm gonna put this video there.

    EDIT 2: I couldn't not notice you used the smoke grenade there. Could you possibly make a video dedicated to smoke grenades and/or underbarrel smoke launcher?
  3. Sandpants

    Yeah the last fight is god-tier. Although I can't help but to blame it on the slopiness of your opponents. Then again, the sheer volume of targets taken down makes up for it.

    Very nice.
  4. CerealBox

    Sure, you can use the video.

    I took a look at the smoke section in your guide. And in my experience, I've found that smoke can also do the opposite effect that Wrel describes.

    What I mean is in this video:
    Before I dropped down, I bounced a smoke into the stairs to help mask myself. Not much of a smoke guide, but just another example of its' usefulness.
  5. Iridar51


    Can't really see what you mean. Also can't use this in the guide since there is no footage of the actual throw there. But that kill streak sure is amazing. Gotta wish you had C4 right there :D

    Oh and another thing - I remember seeing somewhere some amazing VS LA montage with the pump action shotty. It was nicely edited with some pretty visual and camera effects, and pleasant music (dubstep probably), but for the life of me I can't find this video anywhere. Do any of you remember what was the guy's name or whatever? I think he was some big time VS LA.
  6. Inex

    The constant time scaling makes it difficult to watch. It seems like half the time you're waiting until shots are fired to go back to regular time, if at all. Combined with the natural head-swivel movements that come with good situational awareness, and the video ends up looking a bit like a vacation slideshow.

    2:58 - I like to take random shots at MLG teammates too. ;)

    Seeing this, I just need to find less moving targets. Leading with the shotgun feels really odd: even <10m targets need to be led a beyond the body model. Firing feels a lot like the RailJack delay.
  7. Kriegson

    Nice! I can never take down people in 2 shots. I don't know if it's hit detection, lag, just out of range...no idea. But about the only time I manage that is when they're in my face and dead to rights -_-
  8. Oleker2

    Don't like shotguns mostly because my play-style is different. Anyway nice video!