[Video] Serpent Weapon Review

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by freeze, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. freeze

    alright, time for a new review :)

    let me know what you think of the weapon.
    you can hear my view in the video ;)

    cheers guys :)
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  2. Whargoul

    I got one and put a foregrip + IR sight and it's a beast. Crazy RoF kills the enemy fast and the recoil is almost nothing
  3. Jaxxx

    I play primarly infiltrator, but need to switch to assault class sometimes, so I bought the serpent, got the forward grip and Iron sights as well, I absolutely tore people up with it... well worth the SC right now
  4. Xphobe

    The video is informative and thank you for taking to time to make it. The only discrepancy would possibly be the "soft point ammo", as I always thought it was worse for close range than the standard ammo, at least that was the roomer going around.
  5. freeze

    thx for the feedback...

    I'm making a video right now, to explain exactly what SPA and HVA does for a weapon.
    There's a lot of false information out there, with numbers that ppl pull out of their **** which they can't back up with any proof

    stay tuned ;)
  6. Prince Planet

    Hi Freeze. thank you for doing these reviews. They are great information.

    Have you done one on the VX6-7? Getting your thoughts between the VX6-7 and Serpent would be excellent.

    Cheers mate.
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  7. Chrysalis

    Serpent vs VX6-7 is basically slightly faster fire rate against slightly faster reload. Oh, and they recoil in opposite directions, I forget which gun recoils in which direction. The guns are pretty much dead even in every other stat of importance.

    Serpent has a mild novelty factor because it's blue.
  8. freeze

    thx for the feedback :)

    like chrysalis already said, they are very similar with only minor differences.

    the Serpent has a faster rate of fire, an extremely long reload time, and when it comes to recoil it pulls slightly to the left.

    the VX6-7 fires slower, but only by 45RPM, so really minor. reload speed is a lot faster, and the recoil goes up and to the right.
    the VX also has more recoil than the serpent... the initial kick, as well the the recoil under sustained fire is higher.
    projectile speed-wise the VX6-7 is also a little bit faster, but that's unimportant in CQC
  9. Artoriusaurus Rex

    Very nice review, and a very nice gun. What NC Carbine is most comparable to it, if I may ask?
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  10. RedCitadel

    The GD-7F has the same odd 845 ROF, so I strongly suspect they may be practically re-skins of each other.
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  11. Artoriusaurus Rex

    Ah. Ok then, great. Thanks.
  12. freeze

    ya, redcitadel is mostly right :)

    it's the weapon that come closest to the serpent, but it's not just a re-skin.

    the reload-times for the GD-7F aren't the best either, but they're still better than the serpent.
    when it comes to recoil... well, it's an NC gun, so the recoil is slightly higher.
    you have a lower initial kick, but the recoil itself is higher
  13. KoooZ

    Any news on this video? I have a pretty good idea about HVA, but I have no idea about SPA. Thanks.
  14. freeze

    just uploaded it:

    hope it helps :)
  15. KoooZ

    Just fyi, that's still the deleted video's link, but I got to the new one through your channel based on the OP video. Thanks.
  16. freeze

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