[Video] Redemption - NC LA montage feat. AC-X11

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    Shoutout to the NC's beautiful yellow beast that is known as Pikachu, you may notice him sometime during this video.

    Watch in 1080p60!
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    All footage in this video is from 2.5 hours of gameplay during a single evening. Whilst playing, I came to realize a few important things.

    The amount of damage AC-X11 can inflict with just a few shots is frightening, and its vertical recoil is vastly overrated. With 1x Reflex and Compensator, the recoil doesn't seem special at all, even with mandatory HVA.

    However, the user must be experienced enough to make out the enemy and land headshots, even if the enemy is so far that he looks like a pixel dot through low-magnification scope.

    Precision carbine is the ultimate anti-HA weapon. When you close in with HA to perform a surprise attack at close range, even if you're using a good dueling weapon such as CQC carbine or SMG, you're playing THEIR game. Don't. If you attack them at range, from elevated position, your positional advantage will matter much more than their shield, and most HAs can't shoot for **** at range.

    And if you can easily kill HAs, other classes are even easier. So it's possible precision carbine is the best LA weapon overall. It has a notable weakness in close quarters, but it's much easier to keep enemies at range rather than trying to get close to them, and indoors fighting has always been our weak side anyway.

    Besides, it's not all bad. I wouldn't recommend taking AC-X11 with compensator indoors, but something more versatile, like Razor GD-23, has very serviceable hip fire, as long as you avoid Compensator, which it doesn't really need.

    And finally, the more I play and try out different playstyles and weapons, the more sure I become that SMGs and shotguns are flat out inferior weapon choices. Of course we can think of specific situations where they would be better, but overall, even when played to their best potential, they are at least 30% worse than a carbine... ANY carbine.