[Video] Packet Loss, or Bad Netcode?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gundem, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Gundem

    Video says it all. I've been dealing with a lot of frustration like that today, and I think it's hampering my performance.
  2. Daigons

    Who is your ISP and connection type? Are there any posted outages or degradation of service?
  3. Gundem

    Time Warner and hardline, and not that I'm aware of.
  4. Daigons

    Personally I occasionally reboot my connection to the Internet to see if that clears up any issues. It could by anything from activity on your local LAN, upstream with your provider, or the numerous hand offs to other carriers up to DBG's routers. I stopped playing STO because of the throttling of traffic between Verizon & Cogent which was causing massive problems in the game. There are some 3rd part sites that you can check for various issues. I just listed one down below as an example.

    General Reports of Outages & Issues

    Report for Time Warner Cable 07/27/2016
  5. Daigons

    I don't want to come across trying to defend the PS2 servers as being flawless. I just want to point out that there are a lot of moving parts that can go wrong and degrade your play experience. It could very well be an issue with their servers, their internal networks or WAN connections. I remember a massive outage with Everquest 2 because of a stupid DNS snafu on their end. I believe the issue was identified and a work around posted by a customer.
  6. Gundem

    Just a bump for primetime.
  7. Taemien

    Looks like a little bit of both. And no offense, a little error on your part. But that probably couldn't be helped as we can't be perfect 100% of the time. What I mean here is you took a half a second to react. But if you know how latency works in PS2 (and I know you do), you would understand that he saw you at least a half a second before you saw him since you were sitting still for at least a second or two before he came around that barrier.

    Add those half seconds together and you literally got killed by someone with bad aim. Or they were surprised to see you there shooting, thinking maybe you were shooting at them.

    I actually think CoF screwed you too:


    Here's your fifth shot going wide. If you hit with it, it would have killed him. You had done 715 damage by this point (unless he had NWA). And this is why I hate CoF while ADSing.
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  8. Gundem

    Yea, my reaction time sure didn't help. I should have aimed straight for him after I took the third shot, but my big ego told me I could finish off the spotter and deal with him after...

    Also, I have a neurotic desire to kill every motion spotter I see, ever. Doesn't help not dying all the time though :oops:

    Though overall, it's generally stuff just like this that keeps me from really enjoying Planetside 2 as much as I should. As a player with like, top 100 accuracy and HSR across my weapons in generally, presumably I should be performing a little above average. Yet here I am, nailing this guy in the head and I still get demolished.

    Granted, if he hadn't of been using a Shotgun at that time I would have lived, but I won't fault him for that. I stood perfectly still in a CQC fight and paid the price...

    But speaking of that, the **** is up with my CoF? I would have been getting the standing ADS Bonus CoF, and my burst at that point was only 5 shots in, which means my CoF should have been at .3, a whole .1 smaller then my moving CoF initially. By the looks of that shot, it's a lot larger then .3 CoF.
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  9. Taemien

    You finally see the light. :D

    I don't usually have a beef with anything in PS2. Except the CoF while ADS. And this is irrefutable evidence of its dumbness. Fifth shot, of a 143 damage weapon (assuming so, I'm not crazy VS expert here), and at EXTREME CQC, and it veers off more than a blunderbuss will.

    So much for that superior vanu tech. A pirate in the 1600s could have nailed a more precise shot group with an improvised weapon. Sorry for hijacking your thread for this issue.. but damn your video brings a major issue to light.
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  10. Moridin6

    i have also been having some bad streaks lately, everything goes to crap. go from 3kd to struggling to get one kill in 12 lives, every one "out plays" me suddenly..

    i am also on TW's terrible service but i doubt its them, this problem seems to be hindering a lot of people.

    and also theres a rise in cheater threads which imo stems from This
  11. Gundem

    Actually, I should thank you for hijacking this thread. I'll probably bring it to Iridar51, he might recognize some wizardry at work and make the devs aware. He's worked with the devs on similar issues before(The Fwd. Grip making guns less accurate, if I recall). Maybe this really is bugged.
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  12. guerrillaman

    Cheating.... yeah I have to piece the video together but was playing at the bio lab and got hit by 12 consecutive CQC headshots in a span of about 2 minutes..by a bunch of VS BR20s and below.
  13. Ziggurat8

    I'm not really familiar with all the particulars of the gunplay but I see this quite often when the enemy stats landing his before I start shooting them.

    I believe what you're seeing is "flinch"

    I have never seen flinch quantified anywhere but I am pretty sure it is part of the game.
  14. Gundem

    True, there is Flinch to factor in. But there are a couple things to note about that, for starters, I was using Battle Hardened, and second, I think Flinch only has an effect on your camera. The actual point of origin for bullets does not change.

    Somewhat related, I did talk to Iridar and I agree with his verdict; Completely legitimate but has "Reasonable Doubt" written all over it. It's a combination of Clientside and slight lag.

    The one shot that looks like it's veering off to the right, wasn't as inaccurate as it was I was moving my cursor at the time, and I had forgotten that it takes a couple frames for the bullet impact to render, so though it looks like my shot went way off, if you were to check the video for where the CoF would have been from the bullet's point of origin, it would have been within allowed parameters.

    So basically I got rekt by clientside :confused:
  15. ridicOne

    Is it just me or do shotguns seem more prevalent these days across all factions more than I can recall in the past?
  16. Gundem

    Um... I don't think so?

    That was like, the first death I'd had to a shotgun that entire day. Hell, the only reason I died to him in the first place is because I stood perfectly still like a BR4.

    Now, declining populations may be a contributing factor: Less weapons overall means a higher chance of running into one specific weapon. But generally, according to the Oracle stats, Shotguns are just as rare and outperformed as they were 2 years ago, probably even more so since players are generally improving, thus making Shotguns even less relevant.

    That being said, since Shotguns are now available stock to all characters, there may be a slight increase of Shotgun users, but if that is the case I hadn't noticed it, likely since a newbie with a Shotgun is basically free certs to anyone with more then a couple brain cells.