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  1. Mustarde

    It's amazing that 5 years later I still enjoy this game as much as I do and continue to have the passion for making videos like this. Thanks to the devs of this project past and present for making such a great game and keeping it going.

    The Daimyo is a really fun sniper rifle that gives you the opportunity for rapid kill sequences and a little bit of forgiveness for missed shots (as you can see in a couple of the scenes in the video). It has plenty of downsides, including increased projectile gravity, low ammo pool and inability to OHK shielded HA's even up close (also demonstrated a few times in the video). Overall, I loved it, and after auraxing it on TR, NC and VS, I find it to be a very competitive option when I would otherwise be using a Nyx or Ghost (or faction equivalent).

    As noted in the video, Nanoweave + NAC lets you play aggressive and up close which is perfect for my playstyle. BH and Assimilate complement this as well. I found the weighted receiver to be the best attachment for peeking corners and returning fire. You definitely need a solid and reliable sidearm as it will be frequently needed while using this weapon.

    Foo Fighters - Make it Right

    This was easily my favorite NSX weapon to date.
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  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Excellent vid and good shooting. I've been using the daimyo almost exclusively since its come out and been loving it. I love that it forces me to go for headshots. I have found that I prefer the 6x scopes over the 4x, the NV scope is perfect for hossin.

    The only problem I have with the extra Gravity is that the muscle memory I'm building for headshots doesn't apply with any other snipers past about 50-60m.
  3. JobiWan

    I have to say I got it and I hated it. I thought it was awful and kept dying. But I've adapted my playstyle and realise now how good it is. You NEED to be a good shot or you'll just get owned.
  4. adamts01

    How could you hate it? It's a straight upgrade to the Ghost/SAS-R/TSAR-42. I think they ****** it up with this gun. It's got a higher velocity than those bolt actions plus 3-4 tries to land a headshot. It's just not right. In addition to its worse gravity it needs a much slower velocity, and even then 2-3 bullets would be fair. Either Daybreak has zero idea what they're doing or this is just a blatant cash grab attempt, or most likely both.
  5. Jac70

    I Aurax'd the Ghost. To me this seems like the same playstyle but more forgiving. With the Ghost you either get a headshot on first shot or you're out. I was gonna buy the Daimyo until I noticed that it is classed as a Scout Rifle and I am looking for a Sniper Rifle to complete the directive. Might try it in the future.

    I don't quite agree here. As for being a Sniper Rifle per se, I b(r)ought the Daimyo into a standard sniper loadout because I have auraxed every single sniper rifle years ago, so at least I can level this one while playing sniper, but apart from the thermal, I found little charm in it. Bolt actions just feel better, IMO.

    As for quickscoping, TSAR (and equivalents) has more kick and much more style. So it's a cool niche gun but I think that's all. It does feel overpowered, but it's not, at least not compared to the alternatives.
  7. Corporate Thug

    I thought Mustarde stopped playing :( Before I didn't care about the Daimyo, but now that I know he's still playing I'm totally against it. I guess it's just luck that I haven't ran into him within the past year. Guess it's time to start a nerf the Daimyo thread :(
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  8. adamts01

    The gun needs some sort of nerf or re-purpose. I think the Ghost/SAS-R/TSAR-42 guns were perfectly balanced for what they were, and this thing is a straight upgrade in 99% of situations. I don't think the Ghost needs a velocity buff past its current 500, or any buff for that matter, they really are balanced. I hate saying nerf nerf nerf nerf, but that's really the only solution I see for this thing. Its bullet drop isn't a big deal in its ideal ranges, but 600m/s is just crazy when you compare it to the 500m's of bolt actions. Drop it down to 450 and it might be just right. Possibly limit the mag size to 2+1, increase the damage, and lower the headshot multiplier, that way it could triple tap with body shots. It needs something to keep it from being a straight upgrade to an already great gun.
  9. Mustarde

    It's not a straight upgrade. You have very low body shot damage so it's either headshots or nothing. The semi-auto nature is nice if you miss once and want another chance to shoot but compared to the Ghost where you can plug a body shot and finish with a commi/knife it's not exactly better. If you are a pretty accurate player, the Ghost will give you more kills per mag, more damage per mag and more range to be effective at.

    Also, the Daimyo can't take out a fully shielded HA in a headshot which actually comes up quite often and can be a real frustration of the weapon. It's a lot of fun, but what you are seeing in this montage is a very dense concentration of kill-streaks and triple kills in a single mag and you are seeing very few missed shots, deaths or times where the weapon failed me.

    Buff rockets, nerf the Daimyo!
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  10. TerminalT6

    My favorite moment with this gun will forever be:
    walking out of the spawn room to see 3 VS snipers on a ridge, spaced ~30m apart and the nailing them all in one mag.

    The Daimyo does feel pretty cheesy to use, though. It feels too easy.
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