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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Matti, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. cruczi

    You mean 5% lower velocity, and max. damage range is extended by 5 meters. It is within that 5 meter span that you require one less bullet to kill versus a 1000 hp target. You may also require one bullet less to kill on targets with less or more than 1000 hp, the idea is that an integer number of max. damage shots result in a kill, but an integer number of (max-1) damage shots do not. You may also sometimes benefit from SPA beyond the maximum damage range, as the damage is slightly better all the way up to the minimum damage range; pushing the max. damage range 5 meters further tightens the range where damage falloff occurs, so at any given distance up to the minimum damage range, you'll do slightly more damage with SPA.
  2. SupaFlea

    ^ in detail yeah lol
    5% velocity is something I myself don't notice especially when you consider echoes and other lag, at most it MAY be the difference between both of you killing each other and one of staying alive with a a slither of health left at longer ranges
  3. cruczi

    Or, in you getting the kill instead of him getting away, when it is not a direct 1v1. Or, in you damaging him just enough that he will die of something else and you end up getting the assist XP. Or, in you damaging him just enough that he decides to wait for shields to recharge instead of going for another attack, which might save the life of a teammate. Direct 1v1 is just one scenario out of many.
  4. Oddhermit

    NS-11C gains quite a bit more velocity than average from HVA, I think it goes up to 550. I think it's potentially worth it over SPA.

    I would also go grip over the laser sight, the hip-fire is decent enough but you shouldn't be intentionally fighting at hip-fire range with the gun.

    Personally, as VS I will always choose a Pulsar C over it, and as NC I will always choose a Mercenary over it. It's on TR where I might use an NS-11C as a mid-long range substitute for their crappy options, as it has the .75 ADS multiplier which at least gives it something special over VS and NC options - T5 and Cougar just have nothing significant at all and are downgrades in so many ways.
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  5. Matti

    Thanks for feedback!

    I also prefer the Pulsar C as VS, I decided to use softpoint to get some CQC gameplay.
    I mostly play long/mid range as LA so it was fun to get some variety and I don't think
    I will Auraxium this weapon for my VS, I like the Pulsar C far too much!