[Video] NS-11C review

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Matti, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Matti

    Hi all!

    Here is my first weapon review in a while.
    I apologize for not showing any gameplay with the 1x Reflex sight even though I mention it in the video.
    I will upload some videos with it shortly

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  2. DrBash00

    I had a clanmate, who ONLY used NS weapons... and only with iron sight....
  3. sindz

    Like any NS weapon its a head shot machine with no recoil what so ever. If you can aim its godly, if you can't it sucks.
  4. FilthyMichl

    One of my favourite weapons ingame, for both LA and Engi. Just finished my aurax on it.
  5. Crayv

    While I do like the gun overall, do not put a suppressor on this thing. Though if you must, go with HVA and DO NOT combine a suppressor and SPA (seriously it feels like it has the same velocity and drop as the crossbow). If you really want a suppressed NS weapon, go with the MKV.
  6. cruczi

    NS-7 PDW suppressed is better than the MKV in almost every way
  7. Crayv

    How so? From what the stats seem to say it's a PDW with a suppressor welded on and has been given a slightly higher velocity and a slightly higher RoF.
  8. cruczi

    MKV has:
    - 14 m/s or 4.7% higher velocity
    - 39 RPM or 3.9% higher ROF
    NS-7 PDW has:
    - 0.25s or 9.6% faster short reload (this is significant because typically you'll reload once per kill)
    - 42% lower first shot recoil and 38% lower vertical recoil per second
    - 2 tiers of damage dropoff instead of 3
    - max. damage up to 17m with SPA, or 13% further than 15m
    - min. damage up to 55m (65m without suppressor), or 30% further out than 42m
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  9. Iridar51

    ^ at least be fair and apply suppressor to PDW, as far as I know it's still -3m MAX and -10m MIN damage ranges for SMGs.
  10. cruczi

    Also, to add to that.. the small velocity advantage is irrelevant because velocity only becomes a factor at mid-long range where the PDW is much better, given the carbine-style damage dropoff and easier burst firing. Up close, the MKV has slightly lower TTK, but it's rather pointless to use the "highest velocity silenced SMG" at a range where velocity doesn't matter much. There's no role the MKV fills that other SMG's don't fill better.
  11. cruczi

    Right. it still wins handily at range due to the lesser damage dropoff
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  12. Redwave

    Well done with the video Matti, I enjoy using this carbine and I think it was a good buy for me
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  13. Matti

    Thanks mate, good luck
  14. Vosrash

    The reason for the sway on the IR/NV is that it is classified as a sniper scope as far as i can tell. Partially due to how the scope in time is about the same as sniper scopes and that i'm pretty sure that holding shift down removes the sway you noticed, at least it feels like it anyway when i do it........
  15. Redwave

    Honestly, I do not get bothered by the sway of the HS/NV because the gun has such low recoil that I do not need to press SHIFT, although I do. But when I don't, the bullets land in the area I originally started shooting, that is why I effin' love this gun so much. I could also say the same thing for the Solstice VE3.
  16. Matti

    Same here, the sway is almost like some tiny recoil and that is something you have to compensate for anyway.
    I covered the HS/NV scope in this later video, please check it out if you haven't
  17. Redwave

    Something a lot of people are unaware about the HS/NV scope is that it is dead accurate compared to the 1x and 2x reflex sight because the crosshairs (or the center) of the HS/NV are well aligned with the center of the screen while the 1x and 2x reflex sights are not, which means you will not be shooting where the dot lands. Only negative thing I can say about the HS/NV scope is that in bright environments you cannot see anything. If it could be changed like making enemies appear yellow or gray then people would be more successful using it in every continents when the light is bright.
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  18. nehylen

    There are 3 negative points when using the HS/NV, from what i've gathered. The one you stated of course, the horizon which becomes much shorter, though not too much of an issue generally speaking, and third, you can't see cloaked infiltrators at all with that scope. They're truly invisible, which can be a problem at times.
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  19. Matti

    True, the scope in time and scope sway are also drawbacks. The HS/NV scope is very situational
    and it is hard to know, when picking loadout, if you are going to be gaining from it or not
  20. SupaFlea

    i went through a thread and did some digging on the pros n cons of using HVA combined with a suppressor on any weapon and the HVA doesn't come close to countering the Velocity drop that the Suppressor applies and basically just gives a lot more recoil for hardly any reward/counter. using SPA will still be fine in CQC but for mid range combat using both will feel like your firing BB's. I generally only run a suppressor on any weapon if i know I'm going to getting myself in to lone wolf situations and you survivability remains in being undetected on radar for as long as possible. I generally rock

    1x Scope
    Foregrip(better control for sustained headshots)
    SPA(no negatives and requires 1 less bullet to kill)
    Compensator/Naked Barrel(Depends on if I'm running with big squad or small squad and solo in open battles)

    Flash Suppressor and NV scope for night time or organized smoke assaults.