[Video] NS-11A Weapon Review

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by freeze, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. freeze

    here we go

    so many people use it, so let's take a closer look at that gun :)

    let me know what you guys think about it :)

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  2. klor

    Nice video, I've been working on weapon medals and this gun is next on my list. I have the NS-11a as well as the platinum version. The plan was to cert one for range and one for close quarters but your review put that thought to bed. I probably would have overlooked the .75x ADS modifier if I hadn't watched this. Thanks for saving me some certs and keep up the good work.
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  3. Saydian

    love your reviews :D
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  4. freeze

    Ya, it's sad that this gun is really outperformed by so many other weapons in CQC.
    no certs in the world will really make it viable.

    let me know how it goes though... maybe you find a nice combination of attachments.

    cheers man ;)
  5. klor

    Over the weekend I used this gun a lot and I have to say, it is amazingly accurate. I opted against the HV ammo and after using this weapon I think I will continue to avoid HV in my load outs. I found the compensation to hit a moving target via leading to be preferable to the added recoil compensation when using HV.

    As NC I have to say it complements our arsenal quite well. I think my 3 load outs will end up being the NS-11a, the Gauss rifle burst and the GR-22.
  6. freeze

    ya, I guess with the bullet velocity already being that fast, I guess it makes sense :)
    at medium range, it's fast enough to not have to lead by much, and you have the benefit of lower recoil.

    in hindsight, this kinda makes me question my decision of ever getting HV for the 11a =/
  7. Melchio

    i think the inability to switch out ammo types on the fly really is what makes HV ammo suck if you could pop in/out it without hitting a term up would be much more efficient
  8. Kalee-J

    Thank you for this review. I use the NS-11 almost exclusively with my medic and I agree with the points you made. I need to work on recoil control, not just on this weapon, but all weapons.
  9. Turiel =RL=

    The NS-11a is "common pool" for all empires. Therefore it cannot just handicap NC, but also has to suit TR and VS. The outcome is a weapon that has VS-kind of recoily. It is by far the most accurate infantry weapon available to NC in the game. EVERY NC medic should get it!! Using it almost feels like cheating, because the bullets actually go where you want them to go.
  10. Hawkins

    Good Review.

    As a Vanu i tried this gun and while the 35 Round Magazine is nice i just can't get used to the low TTK it does in close Quarters. The H-V45 is so much better and good on Medium Ranges aswell.
  11. Cirevam

    Thanks for the review. It looks like my plans to try to tweak this gun to close-quarters won't be very effective. Certs saved. I still like using this when I'm running around as a medic on my NC character due to the low recoil, and my decidicated medic buddy likes it a lot too. He also told me that he almost never fires it from the hip, which is probably why he's so effective with it.
  12. Kociboss

    Nice review, pretty much sums the weapon up.

    If you ain't busy, try reviewing...Pulsar VS1. So many people claim it's better than H-V45 for whatever reason.
  13. Izriul

    My fav gun for the VS bar none other.

    Got every attachment, scope and ammo unlocked, however, despite knowing the differences between SP and HV ammo, I MUCH prefer SP on this gun for ALL ranges, yes, including long. Makes no sense I know, perhaps it's bugged, but I've sniped perfectly well with soft ammo. Everytime I switch to HV I end up changing back shortly after.
  14. DemoEvolved

    I love the NS11 for common duty, reflex 2x it is a great midrange weapon. Yes you are at a disadvantage cqc, but medic can often avoid that situation.

    The HV45 is a Beast CQC weapon. Its basically an uzi.

    But between the two guns I use the NS11 more often.
    I had SPA on NS11 for a while and loved it, but im experimenting without and its fine.
    The Accuracy is just so great at range.
  15. commandoFi

    I really like this gun. Alot. Through experience I have found it performs best in two medium range scenarios. If you are defending one of those tower bases this gun is a beast. You will absolutely knock down anyone that is attacking on foot, and get a lot of heals and revives in the meantime. It is also a great gun to support infantry pushes in mostly flat areas. You can pick off snipers and HAs with ease as you move up.