[Video] NS-11A Gameplay

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by freeze, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. freeze

    look... the guy is not just shooting ppl in the back... they're actually shooting back

    alright j/k ;)
    I'm not hatin or anything, hehe

    enjoy the video, hope you guys like it
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  2. Singed

    Cool gameplay. I was considering getting the NS-11 because it's a common pool weapon, but now I'll definitely do it. Handles better than by cycler without even a fore grip.
  3. freeze

    as a TR you have to consider that the 11a has a smaller magazine... you spoiled brats ;)
  4. Dusty Lens

    Dat reload speed <3.

    I know the grass is always greener. But, man. Sometimes it's nice to hit R and not use it as an opportunity to hit the head, order a pizza, let the cat out, talk to the new neighbors, meet that girl who lives across the way you never had an opportunity to cross paths with, strike up a conversation, make plans to hang out sometime, fall in love, make it official, honeymoon, raise a family, get that promotion you've been angling for, experience the joy of having your first child, finish skyrim, then check in real quick to see if your butterfingers TR Medic has finished fumbling with the next magazine.
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  5. freeze

    I like the picture you painted there ;)
  6. datdudejrod

    I like to see someone else enjoy the NS-11 as much as I do lol