[Video] Night Patrol feat. SA Slugs

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  1. Iridar51

    This video is much more slow-paced than my other ones, as it's basically a piece of uncut gameplay.
    I often play like this, trying to clear out areas where normally only an LA can get. "If I'm not doing things only LA can do - why play LA?" - sort of like that.

    I also just love to shut down the fun of people who think that placing a spawn beacon in an "unreachable" position and shooting down at people below is okay. Not on my watch, it isn't.

    Making this video updated my perspective on this whole "sniping with slugs" debacle, and I'm holding a different position to my usual "slugs are bad for sniping, period". Now I rather think that "sniping with slugs" is possible, but only in situations where you can get a shot at the enemy who thinks he's safe, in which case he's not likely to react and move while you "tap-tap-tap" him.

    This time I'm using a russian song called "Ne pogibnet belaya rasa" ("The white race will not die"). It sings about russian people being slaughtered by mongols, and it calls for them to gather armies and take revenge on the enemy.

    For best quality watch in 2160p!
    Make sure to watch the video on YouTube itself and to maximize the YouTube player first.

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  2. thenewbie

    Yay! Iridar is back! :D
  3. Leivve

    How you liking the new scopes on the Commissioner?
  4. Iridar51

    OP without question. The greatest problem of this weapon is that weapon model interferes with your aim, because after each shot it kicks upward and covers half the screen. Awful iron sights that merely set a general direction of the shot in low-light conditions don't help either.

    It's a weapon that relies on being very accurate, yet it doesn't allow you to spam shots accurately, so you have to sacrifice rate of fire and let the gun recenter after each shot.

    Reflex sights solve these problems, making it very spammable. Same goes for Underboss.
  5. Leivve

    Never noticed with underboss, but that might be just because I used it as a "I'm outta bullets time to panic" weapon. It and my Repeater are the only side arms I use, and they depend on what kind of primary I have.
    snipers/carbines get repeater.
    Shotguns/AR/Chaingun get underboss.
  6. Iridar51

    I'd like to rephrase what I said a bit. Reflex sights don't completely solve these problems. The gun still kicks up between shots and blocks line of sight, but since you have much more clear space below the actual aiming spot, you can reacquire the target faster.

    When you fire using iron sights, you can fire as soon as the gun moves down after recoiling, giving you no time to aim.
    With reflex sights, you see the target slightly before the gun is ready to fire, giving you a split second to compensate aim, thus increasing the effective rate of fire.