[Video] New OP Saron (VR training informational video)

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  1. Swellzong

    They should just revert it back to the original.
    A tanks secondary gun that was designed as an AV gun shouldn't be able to deal with infantry that effectively.
  2. Kupcake

    The old Saron had 462 sustained DPS against vehicles. 1500 damage with a 0.25 fire delay and 3 second reload. A direct hit would always one-shot infantry, and no amount of flak or nano would save you.

    The new Saron has 607 DPS against vehicles at short range. 2550 damage with 6x 0.2 refire delays and 3.0 second reload, for a total 4.2 second refire period.

    It has 381 DPS at medium or long range, which is where most tank duels occur. Full CoF recovery is still 0.5 seconds and CoF recovery only begins after refire time, giving us 2550 damage with 6x 0.2 refire delays, 5x 0.5 CoF recovery periods, and 3 second reload, for a total 6.7 second refire period.

    The Saron now has 31% more DPS at short range, but it has 18% less DPS at medium and long range. I would consider this a nerf to its overall anti-tank effectiveness, as most of the tank engagements the Magrider gets into are at long range. The sudden burst of damage at very short range is nice, but most tank duels which people consider short range happen at around 50 meters, and at this range, you're still not able to fire at full speed. If you average missing even 2 shots per burst (which is quite likely except at extreme close range), you're not gaining anything from max firing speed.

    As for dealing with infantry, it has arguably gotten much better here. It's capable of one-shotting infantry, but it won't always. Doing so requires a direct hit. No level of nano will protect you, and Nano 5 gives you 1250 effective health, and the raw damage of a direct hit is 1275. However, if you have Flak 4 or 5, you will not be one-shotted by the Saron, and Flak 4 is arguably quite common nowadays. That said, even with Flak 4, a direct hit will deal 944 damage. With Flak 5, a direct hit will deal 850 damage. So even if you can survive, you will take very heavy damage. On the plus side, HA's with Flak 4 and a shield don't have a lot to worry about from the Saron when using pop-up attacks. If you activate overshield, a direct hit from the Saron will not even penetrate your shields. If you activate resist shield with Flak 4 (not 100% sure on this one), the Saron will deal 519 damage, meaning you'll take very little health damage. With the quick recharge time of resist shield, you can basically use pop-up attacks against the Saron indefinitely without being worn down.

    What are you specifically saying is OP? Its anti-tank effectiveness? Its anti-infantry effectiveness?
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  3. f0d

    the enforcer is pretty much the same as the saron vs infantry

    so if one is OP then they are both OP

    imo the new saron is fine (even though id rather the old one back)
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  4. Kupcake

    Yeah. The only functional difference is whether Nano or Flak prevents a ohko. Both weapons are ohko by default.

    Against the Saron, no level of nano saves you, but Flak 4 or 5 saves you.

    Against the Enforcer, Flak 5 or Nano 4/5 will save you.

    So nano is a decent countermeasure to the Enforcerer and Flak is a decent countermeasure to the Saron. Flak 5 will save you against both.
  5. Shockwave44

    It's not a close range weapon. If you want to take out tanks, stay away at about 250m. The halberd is great for getting right in the action.
  6. Qaz

    Sigh .... you don't really get it, do you? The new saron is great against infantry and tanks that you are very close (50m) to, and i'd expect the infantry component to get nerfed again soon. The problem is that it isn't good enough in the role it's (used to be) tailored for--killing targets at range quickly due to high damage and extreme accuracy. At range (100m+), this weapon is unequivocally worse than the saron/halberd, and it also doesn't work well with strafing in practice. So ... no, it's not a better saron. It'd be a good weapon for TR, but it's not a good VS weapon.