[Video] New OP Saron (VR training informational video)

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  1. LightningWolfTigrBer

    If that were true we would have never gotten a charge-up mechanic. Our MAX's would also have jumpjets. And the Saron would have had it's trigger delay removed months ago. You really ought to stop blowing things out of proportion.
    I don't know where you're getting your facts, sir, but it is indeed true. If I still had the group photo of all the devs wearing faction colored shirts I'd be more than happy to prove you wrong.
    Edit: Ah ****, ninja'd. See the post above mine.
  2. Phrygen

    you have got to be kidding me. Well, the Saron is back to being the best again... hopefully magriders pilots will stop complaining and be happy for awhile.... the 350-850 change was way to much. Also... does this thing have damage reduction over range... seems like its still highly effective at range.
  3. Chipay

    It wasn't OP before they started fiddling with it and i can agree you, most Vanu will agree that this is OP and that they rather want the original back, Magriders are not designed for close range, don't give us close range weapons...
  4. PaperPlanes

    Too bad a Vanguard can still pop god mode and win a fight without breaking a sweat, then ;)
  5. Mindjacker

    Nc ( "THE shotgun faction" ) have the worst s/gun of the lot and have wanted it changed and have never had a reply never mind a buff. All they get are abilities to be a target for longer.

    Hows that Saron firing delay atm - oh thats right it has been removed as per requests.
    Hows that charge up working atm? - oh yeah thats right removed as per requests.
    Next up - flying maxes with zoe modules :(
  6. Reloaded

    Agreed. I gave up on it as well, but I used it last night, and it's like night and day IMO. It's actually *gasp* USEFUL.
  7. Bubbay

    Seconded. Used it last night -- it's extremely useful versus infantry and has some usefulness against armor, as well. I liked it so much, I bought the modified version for my Harrasser. I think it will be perfect for it.

    Also agreed that the hot fix to the Saron seems like there is confusion over what the role of it is supposed to be. Are they trying to make it less effective against infantry? None of these changes really seem to help with that. They actually seem to be making it better at close range AI. That was actually one of the things that I thought was well balanced before. Yeah, you could one shot close infantry, but if you missed, you'd better hope the pilot has magburners, or you're about to get a C4 surprise. Now, you get plenty of chances and could take on half a squad, if you're good enough.

    Now that I think about it, I'm trying to figure out how this is supposed to be used differently than the New PPA. The PPA is an accurate, rapid firing weapon that is effective against both armor and infantry. The New Saron is an accurate, rapid firing weapon that is effective against both armor and infantry. One is lower damage, high rate of fire with a huge clip, and the other is medium-high damage, high rate of fire, very small clip. The applications aren't hugely different. They seem to occupy the same rough niche, with one skewed infantry, the other skewed armor, and nothing else heavily skewed either way.
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  8. illgot

    Now that we have gone through the ups and downs, can we just get the Saron back to the way it was at release?
  9. Swellzong

  10. Hoki

    About the same DPS as a halberd.

    Lets complain about it.

    Oh and it ******* sucks at range, but feel free to get it nerfed anyways. Try rapid firing it and you'll only hit a parked galaxy.

    lol stick with the halberd.
  11. LoneMaverick

    Vulcan 1shotting infantry instead of taking 6-8 rounds? Yes please, it'd almost be in line with this disasterpiece then. ;)
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  12. Haya jii san

    I don't wanna sound ungrateful man but the MBT's core stats are simply lower than the other two. It cannot compare. There are countless threads about this on the forums and although personally i'd welcome such a change, we as VS, do not have any 'strong points' other than this and maybe the ZoE.
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  13. NightFalls998

    higby is NC noob
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  14. Phrygen

    the mag is a very different kind of tank that the other MBT and its stats were adjusted to reflect that. VS are doing very well frankly, but it can be hard to see that if you aren't on Mattherson where the server pops are relatively equal or in the VS favor.
  15. Mindjacker

    I know Higby is NC Noob, so what ? he does not do development noob
    (see i can call name as well idiot)
  16. HellasVagabond

    And the Mag can hit Turbo Boost and fly away at over 100km/h without having to build up speed........
    Wanna trade that for the 5s god mode that drops to even less than 3s when taking fire ?
  17. Copasetic

    You must be drunk, it's much better than a Halberd now. It instagibs infantry, has pinpoint accuracy, no fire delay, no projectile drop, a 6 round magazine and a COF that lets you fire every 400ms or so at full accuracy.

    But hey, if you want to choose the Halberd over that nobody's going to stop you. You'll be less of a threat on the field that way.

    Lose the OHK on infantry, it's way over the top. Either that or revert it back to what it was pre-GU9, I doubt many people will have a problem with that because it was already a good weapon to begin with.
  18. Bindlestiff

  19. SgtBreastroker

    NC actually. Barely anyone plays VS.
  20. Hoki

    Its an AV weapon. You don't get it to shoot infantry. But yes now its better at killing infantry than vehicles. Might as well get the kobalt though at that point cause its pretty inferior to halberd at ranges that you'll be engaging armor at.