[Video] New OP Saron (VR training informational video)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Swellzong, May 24, 2013.

  1. Swellzong

    So basically SOE nerfed/changed the Saron in GU09 but a lot of people whined that they nerfed and changed an iconic weapon too much.
    Here we are, 2 days later (lol), with a new version of the Saron which is even better than the old one.

    Anyone saying this isn't over the top is deluded or trying to make it seem balanced to get more power for the faction.
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  2. HellasVagabond

    SOE friend.....So many devs that if i was over them i'd probably had fired them a long time ago.....Not all people are ment to be good with some things and obviously right now SOE has plenty that shouldn't be working on a massive multiplayer online game like PS2....No wonder 6-7 months after the beta and balance is still nowhere to be seen.
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  3. Bubbay

    I think you're missing the point, Swellzong. The real complaint isn't that the new weapon is a bad weapon, it's that the new weapon isn't simply a re-balancing of the old, it's a completely new weapon with completely different applications. People feel like a bait-and-switch happened as some paid real money for one item with a very specific application, then the application was changed to another specific application.

    They effectively took a sniper rifle and turned it into an SMG -- different applications, different strengths, different weaknesses.

    The Magrider (used to) excel at mobility and range and was very weak up close. As soon as a Vanguard or Prowler got into short range, it was over for us. Magriders needed to use their speed and maneuverability to keep the fight at med-long range and use cover as much as possible. The Saron was perfectly designed for that. Duck out of cover, snipe, go back into cover. It's much, much less effective at that now.

    I can understand the complaint that it was too powerful against infantry as a secondary AT weapon. That seems like a valid complaint to me. It also seems like there were much simpler ways to mitigate that rather than a complete redesign. Maybe reduce the damage, but give it the new anti-tank buff. That way, it does less against infantry but similar performance against armor.

    Final point -- I also get the numbers make it seem better with a shorter TTK, but performance on paper and performance in the field are two different things entirely, but of course you already knew that.
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  4. Ebon

    Well it's not so much an SMG after this morning's hotfix as it is a scout rifle instead of a sniper rifle. That's the version he's talking about.

    In actual use against moving, not stationary VR dummy targets, it's good against armor. Missing shots doesn't hurt as much as it's no longer all or nothing per reload. However by staying mobile targets aren't necessarily going to take the full clip either. Decent trade off.

    So the OP is overreacting to it being OP. At least a little.

    It does one shot infantry again due to the inner splash damage buff so no one (other than the targets) can complain there.

    Personally I think if anyone takes a round from an anti-armor weapon to the chest, that should be it, regardless of faction.
  5. Swellzong

    I know that people were complaining that they turned it into a new weapon - that's why i wrote "nerfed and changed".
    Personally I think it will be very easy to hit all the Saron shots on mobile enemy armor.
  6. LightningWolfTigrBer

    I don't understand how the devs can be so hamfisted with the balancing. They could have just reduced the CoF a bit and gone from there. This is why we have a PTS, right? And who's idea was it to buff the splash damage? The thing can already one shot infantry, between that and a 6 round clip there's no reason it should be forgiving of a miss. Should have buffed the Halberd splash if anything and left the Sauron as a dedicated AV weapon. Now it's better at both AV and AI than the Halberd.
  7. Kireles

    How is the harasser version doing? :p I'd love to know how effective the Harasser's Saron is now
  8. Mindjacker

    Of course it only took 2 days - it is the vs after all and guess who the development team mainly play ?
  9. Ketobor

    I tend to agree. This thing is ludicrously OP against infantry now.

    I feel it might be approximately in-line if they halve its splash damage if they keep CoF as it is. Even then it would be useful, but not better than the PPA, against infantry.
  10. Kireles

    Mostly TR actually
  11. Kireles

    A wet piece of paper is more effective than the PPA :p
  12. Ketobor

    Have you tried it recently? It is vastly improved.
  13. Kireles

    No, I gave up on it a long long time ago
  14. LightningWolfTigrBer

    NC. That's how it's always been.
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  15. Mindjacker

    A mixture of TR and VS but i think it was stated that most were vs (can't find it now) but if i am wrong then it doesn't change the fact that vs get whatever they want (or something close to their requests (read crying)) and a damn sight quicker reaction to any problems than the other 2 sides
  16. Mindjacker

    Wrong - just plain wrong.
  17. Tekuila

    Try again.
  18. HadesR

    Meanwhile at a Balance Team meeting :

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  19. Shinrah

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  20. Chipay

    That joke doesn't work that way
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