[Video] - Nanoweave is getting out of control

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  1. LT_Latency

    Anyways, I am done with this.

    I do think the bolt action is difficult for the average player. It's a weapon the requires alot of skill to use well. It also has a high skill cap. You have to aim faster and more accurate then other guns but when done right it's a guaranteed killed

    If they buff the bolt action so it's pretty easy for an average player, Really good players are going to go on an unholy rampage. I am really good with it so whatever.

    Change the sniper rifle if you guys want. I will just get to have better stats
  2. Silver Fox

    Good day sir.
  3. Sworaven

    Not sure what you're trying to say. Are you talking about OHK with bodyshots <30m? I was merely pointing out that at the moment you can survive a headshot from a BASR at that range. I wasn't asking for OHK bodyshots. I might have misunderstood your post =).
  4. Sworaven

    Give us a link to your playerstats page and show us how good you really are.
  5. Kunavi

    I've always been a legit Sniper in any FPS, ever, which I've played(Many). In PS2 I have good reflexes, good aim, I am a solid gunner for ANY turret on ANY vehicle. Good situational and tactical awareness too. As Infiltrator(Most Played by way far, from Day 1) I play my role to the fullest, I use Darts and AI Mines, I Hack, Spot and soften targets left and right not caring for the K/D, if it will help my Squad. I run almost solely BASR ever since I got my RAMS. Tried some ASR too by the way. There is nothing wrong with my skills to say the least. That said, check my Stats. I've got 600+Hrs in PS2 as well. Check my Stats again. Now read this as slowly as you need, to comprehend what I'm saying(I'm not an English speaker);

    BASR Head Shots kill me only when I'm still while not wearing Nano. Running NW2-3, needing 2 Head Shots... Never needed to pop HA Shields(I just HIDE after 1st Head Shot which I can take because NW!). There is NEVER a 2nd Head Shot which will kill me if I even slightly move. Never a 2nd Sniper firing simultaneously scoring a Head Shot(That's the only way I can get InstaKilled by Head Shot. Because NW). I don't even MedKit on any Class and I am fine.

    Those I manage to OHK with Head Shot from BASR, have been standing still while not wearing Nano. So to get BASR OHK Head Shots; Pray the targets are utter NOOBS and stand still even after the 1st shot, which will only warn them. Because they WILL BE running Nano. Most likely with MedKit. See it this way; If they allowed BASR OHKs on Head Shot, all it would affect is those Noobs' Death ratio. Those constantly alert, moving, going to cover ETC? No problem. Won't affect those people.

    And don't even bother TheoryCrafting about situations involving more than 2 people, it gets so ridiculously complicated and silly it should never be mentioned(Example : 2 Snipers working as a Team and how that makes it OK for BASRs to not OHK on Head Shot- By same logic there are more HA so lower HA LMG Dmg by 400% CUZ HA+HA+HA+.....= MANY HA ;P LOL in other words.. ;P).

    It's catastrophic for a BASR user(Hence 50% of the Infiltrator Class not to mention a PRIMARY WEAPON OF THIS NATURE) to not OHK on Head Shot(What's more, BECAUSE OF A "CRUTCH" ITEM, NOT EVEN SOME SOLDIER PERK). Which in turn is UNACCEPTABLE- They should REMOVE SNIPER RIFLES AND GIVE US NEW TOYS MATCHING ESRLs OR C4 IN UTILITY if this situation is intended! Head Shot OHK on dedicated Sniper Rifles is part of all FPS I have ever played, part of their Balance. It's not about making other Suit options more alluring, this should happen either way in fact. Under no circumstances, no matter what, should Head Shot OHK from dedicated Sniper Rifles be blocked!

    To wrap it up I should add that ALL CLASSES CAN CAMP AND EQUALLY PROFIT. Just in different places and ranges, but it's the same thing. Literally, I prefer AV MANA Camping or HA Camping from BASR/Cloak Camping!

    TLDR : Hello there my little buddy, it's been too long since VR Training, I missed you! *Certs an SMG*
  6. Earthman

    This has the flavor of religious doctrine.

    "It is tradition that the sacred Headshot lead to a One Hit Kill. It must always lead to a One Hit Kill so sayeth the Skill Gods!"

    No matter how many years, even decades pass, no matter how many games hone and carve and refine motor-neural reflexes so its practically an unthinking effort for the most dedicated people to get a headshot, it must, absolutely must, always lead to a one-hit kill?

    Oh man. Incredibly, some of these guys want it to be even EASIER to do so, such as making stealth abilities more directly invisible, and more.

    Sorry, but the rest of us aren't all that enchanted and super-excited about the thing you do that's so super-hard that you can reliably do it again and again after you get it down. It's not that special after a while.
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  7. Sworaven

    Personally I am fine with NW5 stopping OHK's, however, I am not fine with NW2 (a hefty 11 cert investment) stopping OHK's. The distance also too ridiculously close. Surviving a headshot from a BASR at ~30m? C'mon, should've brought my SMG at that range but then I'd be a 'cheesy SMG Infil', something else for you to cry about.
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  8. Bape

    I just noticed doesn't NW5 screw NC over hard? I mean our 167-200 dmg guns will be **** if there a TR or VS with NW5 which prevents our damage advantage ><.
  9. Lucidius134

    Precisely why lock ons get ridiculous. You can't balance for numbers.
  10. Liquid23

    that can be said for anything in the game... hell beamers can be ridiculous and you can't balance for them if 48 guys suddenly decide to all spam them at you
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  11. illgot

    sadly when a weapon is designed around OHK head shots, then can not perform said function, it is broken.

    Previous games designed the BASRs, PS2 copied them, but then took out the ability to OHK anyone with NW2 and above from more than 30 meters.

    The weapons did not change but their effective out put did.
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  12. vilehydra

    Quick question, how does Nanoweave effect the TTK on Semi-auto sniper rifles?
  13. JimRussle

    Wow you mean when you practice something it becomes easier? Alert the presses, NBA, ***, and all Olympic Athletes who make something hard look easy.
  14. Earthman


    That is the sound of the point going right over this guy's head.

    The "headshots must always be a one-hit kill" doctrine (may as well call it doctrine, considering how obsessively some snipers cling to it, regardless of range or accessories) begs the idea that it's actually hard for snipers to do this after years or decades of numerous shooters where they're already doing this and that a second shot is unthinkably hard for them.

    Both of us know the reality of this, I think. Hurf-blurfing about real-life athletes actually reinforces this point.

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  15. Earthman

    Funny how the word "entitled" is thrown around so much for so many playstyles and game mechanics, yet the snipers posting here feel pretty damn entitled to that one hit kill, and making it easier but also better rewarded.
  16. Eugenitor

    So people with a weapon specifically designed for the purpose, scoring a headshot after dealing with that bullcrap scope sway and the stupid breath-hold mechanic and the bullet travel time, don't deserve OHKs (and those are the only Ks you're going to get with a BA...)

    Meanwhile someone running around with a P2W noobcannon can usually OHK without aiming at all.

    The (sniper) Infiltrator is simply no good at its role. But there is a doctrine- and it's all over this thread- that People Must Not Be Killed At Long Range (except by vehicles and air, apparently). It's ridiculous. My God! Snipers that are actually good at their jobs? We must prevent such a thing from ever existing! Unless they're engies with AV turrets. Then it's okay.
  17. JimRussle

    So what you're saying is that people who have been practicing headshots for years should be penalized for their skill.
  18. Earthman

    Funny. Are they being "penalized" now or are they whining for games adapting around the reality that sitting somewhere and one-shotting people from very far away isn't as unique/remarkable/magical as it was before? Oh, and that paying players are sort of getting frustrated with these one-trick ponies and don't like getting dropped upon spawning, over and over again?

    You're not as rare or special as you think you are. Learn to deal.

    If we had it your way, most of each squad would be snipers and wannabe snipers. Not all would get those magic headshots consistently, but enough would be doing so to drive just about everyone else out of the game.

    But it's asking too much to expect a sniper to not be selfish so I await whatever condescending crap matches your signature.
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  19. Eugenitor

    What are you talking about? Liberator bombing works just fine last I checked.
  20. PhilDun

    Stop trying to turn PS2 into something it's not. This is NOT a game for skilled/competitive players. If I want to stand still when I'm shooting, I shouldn't be punished just because some sniper happens to be perched on a hill somewhere.

    I don't want to have to move around more than I need to. This should be a RELAXING/FUN experience, not one where I die just because I go afk for 5 seconds.

    Besides, if I'm standing still, it's not like it took much skill to aim at me. So stop with this "the game should reward skill" arguments because it doesn't take skill to hit a standing target.
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