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    Here's some gameplay footage with the new NSX LMG, the Naginata. This is a weapon that offers a unique attribute by having a fixed COF while standing still (which is more accurate when crouched and still). So unlike more traditional LMG's, you can hold down the trigger while still without your COF getting larger and larger over time.

    The Naginata also boasts a large magazine at 90 with relatively short reloads. It sacrifices raw DPS and has strong vertical recoil which takes some getting used to. It also quickly becomes inaccurate if you are moving while shooting.

    I found that it works best as a flanking weapon. It is not very good for pushing into the enemy, so you will often see in this video that even when I am moving forward, I still try to let enemies run into my lane of fire rather than break into theirs. I often will try to let the fixed COF work by standing still and occasionally crouching unless forced to move. It shines in mid-ranged indoor combat, but will often lose out against MSW-R, Orion or Anchor - your best bet is to aggressively get headshots, which this weapon is quite good at.

    Ultimately, I really enjoy the Naginata. It is a competent killer and a unique weapon to add to the game, instead of just another tired reconfiguration of existing damage models. I can't say if I will use it on a regular basis in-game, but I am enjoying it for now.

    I used Adrenaline shield and Nanoweave because you need a little more raw HP to tank income fire while standing still, and it gives me that slight 1v1 advantage that you really depend on to overcome slightly lower DPS. It also complements nicely with shooting through multiple players at once.

    Thanks for watching, feel free to comment on the weapon or video.

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