[Video] My Top 10 Weapons for infantry

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  1. Razeroth

    What's yours?

    Enjoy! :)
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  2. Okjoek

    NC is my least favorite faction, but I envy the guns they get to use. the 200 dmg automatic weapons are freaking amazing IMO and the 167 damage SMG I want so bad as a TR player. Since I play TR however, I will say my favorite TR weapons:

    Sidearm: Inquisitor- Most of my loadouts feature the Inquisitor as my sidearm of choice. It's the BEST sidearm for all around performance. Only other sidearm I like is the default repeater for its SMG-like capabilities.

    Infiltrator- Armistice, Vandal, TRAP, SOAS-20, PDW

    LA- Jaguar

    Engineer- Baron or AMR-66

    Medic- TAR for close range, T1 Cycler for longer range.

    HA- MSW-R or AMR-66 with the Swarm RPG

    I don't play MAX usually and I don't have any upgrades for it. If I did though I think I would get nanite auto repair for solo missions.

    I play a lot of infiltrator for some reason, but TR has some of the best medic guns in the game IMO.
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  3. Demigan

    I got stabbed by the TR Ripper a few days ago, it was just after I mopped up with a bunch of allies and someone surprised me from behind... There was not a sound except for the usual "ctunk" of getting hit by a knife, and I was dead from full health.

    My top 10, as far as I can reach 10, is mostly NC because I played the NC the most and it's also not in order or preference:
    1: GD7F. It's high rate of fire and wonderful DPS make it a great weapon for me. Unlike shotguns however you can still hit and potentially kill enemies at range using trigger discipline.
    2: Sweeper shotgun. While definitely not the best in my arsenal and there's too much people thinking shotguns are OP, the Sweeper is just too sweet to pass up. While I often get my face shot off before I can do anything, there's nothing like getting in close and managing to maul an entire hallway to death with a never-ending stream of relatively accurate fire... For a shotgun. Unlike the automatic Shotguns you won't be overkilling your opponents too much and you will be making each shot count, the incredible damage per magazine make this weapon a beauty that will rarely leave you reloading in the face of your enemies.
    3: Gauss Saw. Now I barely touch Heavies most of the time, I prefer the godly power of the jetpack over getting some boring shield that doesn't complement your skill but just increases your effective HP pool. However the Gauss Saw is just a wonderful weapon. Near limitless ammo offering you that constant heavy thud as high-damage bullets are spewed into your enemy, with trigger discipline it's still accurate and if you get in close enough you can mince people with hipfire. It's the ranged capabilities that make it shine though, using it as a mix between an accurate scout-rifle and automatic machine gun allows you to be hitting and killing scores of enemies without ever having to duck back and reload.
    4: Gauss Compact Burst. It's got accurate mid-range hipfire, accurate long-range ADS and still a damn good DPS. Need I say more?
    5: AF4-Cyclone on the Infiltrator. Sneaky, stealthy, turns people in a sieve before they know you are there.
    6: C4. Just about the only answer you have to against farming vehicles, this package is a self-sustaining irrigation system that feeds itself on the salty water it unleashes. While any vehicle nut will claim it unfair or unrealistic to have C4 punch a hole in tanks I think it's more than realistic considering that compared to C4 a PS2 tank is as expensive as a bicycle. Or if you compare C4 to the expense of a relatively cheap 2.6 million dollar tank: One C4 brick is as expensive as 433.333 dollars rather than 20 dollars. This means you have a single C4 package expensive enough as a C4 blast with the power of a 6181 ton TNT bomb (if I did the math right), that makes it nearly 1/3rd as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima (if we compared it to the expensive tanks it would rate as much as the Hiroshima bombs). So if you are a vehicle user who argues with realism, you should be happy that your can-be-repaired-within-a-minute tank of infinite fuel and costless ammo (shell: 1500 dollars) needs not one small nuclear bomb but two. Or if you really think that C4 is just regular C4 you should be happy that your armored bicycle can handle more than one package.
    7: Dual Falcons. While Ravens trump it most of the time in pure usefulness, there's something about Falcons that's just fun. If you do it right you can snipe infantry with it despite the leading you need, and it's much more satisfying to use against vehicles than the Ravens.
    8: Either of the pump-action shotguns, I can never really decide. Completely opposite of what my intuition tells me the pump-actions are the only weapons I gladly used to engage MAX's and sometimes came out on top. If the enemy is well-spaced pump-actions can also mow through just about anything... If you can surprise them.
    9: Phoenix launcher. Especially for taking out hovering aircraft this weapon is great. It often takes a lot of time, planning and deaths to get somewhere where you won't get insta-killed by the very aircraft you want to destroy or the masses of enemy infantry and vehicles that are everywhere, but once you get to that spot... The sweet rain of wreckage and confused Pilots who were sure that no Phoenix missile came from the Spawnbunker so it had to be some kind of unfair lag, right? (I actually got hate tells about that).
    10: Magshot. Despite me having almost auraxed the Commissioner, all I'm really looking forwards to is getting back to the Magshot. It's rate of fire, relatively good accuracy and DPS made it a wonderful weapon that I want to get using again.

    433.333 dollars could buys 21,667 pounds of C4 or 9,828 kilograms. 1 Kilogram of C4 has a blast yield as strong as 1.34 kilo of TNT. So the actual blast yield would be the same as 13,169 kilogram of C4 or 13 Kiloton. Hiroshima's bomb had a 13 to 18 kiloton yield strength, making one PS2 C4 package on par with the lowest estimates of the Hiroshoma bomb.
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  4. LaughingDead

    1. Lasher
    2. Phoenix
    3. Smackhammer
    4. Anchor
    5. MSW-R
    6. Onion(soon to be battlegoose)
    7. GD-7**** you
    8. Carv
    9. Flaregun
  5. JobiWan

    Hands down my favourite weapon is the Crossbow, closely followed by the Blackhand.

    For all round play I love the Jaguar and I very recently fell in love with the T4-Amp. My fave SMG is the Armistice.
  6. The Rogue Wolf

    Ah, the mini chaingun. Fantastic for spraying unbelievable amounts of lead in a general compass direction for four seconds, before its operator is gunned down by a weapon that can actually shoot where the shooter is aiming.

    (I exaggerate. Somewhat. But unless you're in a fustercluck like a typical Subterranian Nanite Analysis fight where you can just lay out rounds in a firing lane that the enemy will literally jump into, fuhgeddabout it.)
  7. DoucheSlayer

    I like the lynx :d
  8. rahte

    1. Titan AP - the best sniper rifle in the game.
    2. P2120AP
    3. Orion.
    4. GD7F*** you
    5. Carv.
    6. Dual Falcons
    7. Phonenix
    8. Airhammer
    9. GR-22
    10. NS-7 PDW