[Video] My take on the upcomming changes to the class

Discussion in 'MAX' started by freeze, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. freeze

    I hope it's not too negative :)
    let me know what you think

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  2. Laraso

    They've already decided on an ability for the VS MAX, called the ZOE module. It amplifies your damage, but at the same time it makes you take more damage.

    It's visible on the test server.
  3. SinerAthin

    What's the point of having more damage when our weapons aren't even accurate? We kill stuff just fine... whenever we actually hit the darn thing.

    Trying to fire the Nebula or the Cosmos at anything other than point blank range is like playing the lottery.

    ZOE mode is going to be good for AA and AT, but quite useless at AI; what the VS MAX is worst at, essentially amplifying our weakness.
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  4. Tungsten

    You can never be too negative here. Looks like other people are underwhelmed with how this revamp is going considering this is the only thread about the additions in this section.
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  5. Takoita

    And Phoenix should have been able to fire from inside the spawn-room shields too. And yet here we are.

    While grenade launchers sound like trouble, they are sorely needed to clear out room-fulls of shotgunners.
  6. curly

    Without knowing the ratio of damage increase to damage taken or even how it functions it is too early to start complaining. I get the feeling most vs hate it because it's not jump jets. It could be 1:1, 3:1, 10:1, cooldown or toggle.
  7. Laraso

    That's exactly what I've been thinking. It could make you do considerably more damage, but it might only make you slightly weaker. You can't complain about something like this until you see the numbers.

    If SOE is smart, they will make this a toggle ability.

    Precisely. I can easily see ZOE MAXes dominating the roles of AA/AT. The VS MAX was already the best for this, from a technical standpoint. The VS have the only anti-armor weapon that doesn't have drop, and the VS MAX is considerably slimmer and harder to distinguish between normal infantry when compared to the NC and TR MAX.
  8. Quiiliitiila

    Seriously?! We get some freaking lame damage increase and take more damage with it to boot?!

    My GOD out of all the good ideas that were bounced around on the roadmap this ZOE piece of crap is what we get? Just like SOE to ignore everything we said and do what they want.

    This is completely disappointing, even if we didn't take extra damage it's still a lame ability. Aside from AA or AV (which are very situational at best) the module will only SLIGHTLY help with AI TTKs...

    Well, there goes my day... and week... and month...
  9. Dragonblood

    The TR ability to root the Max to the ground isn't that great designed either.....AA-Maxes are already super strong and don't need a buff, whereas the ability is rather pointless for AI-Maxes.
  10. Quiiliitiila

    Yeah, but at least you guys knew you were screwed from day one... We poor VS MAX users still had hope... Only to have it crushed D:
  11. Xasapis

    From what they describe, it's both a damage and speed increase for the cost of some damage vulnerability. How much? Unknown. Sort of like a berserker mode for maxes. It is situational, but I can see how I could put a good use to it ... assuming of course it doesn't replace dash.
  12. Anvildude

    They ALL replace Dash. These are new Abilities. Same with the Travel Mode.

    However, this will be a sort of 'mini-dash' combined with a damage boost- the armour debuff will be odd, but could be canceled out with good Kinetic Ranks.
  13. Ganjis

    For AI MAXes, I think most people will stick with dash, although the TR will probably equip lockdown for this job more than the other factions.

    For AV, I think they will all be viable, in the right situation, but the TR will be probably less likely to equip theirs.

    For AA, I foresee TR and VS equipping the new ability most of the time and NC probably not bothering.

    This is just based on loose descriptions, not hard numbers or personal experience.
  14. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    hgeh, first time I've ever heard/seen someone reference Exteel. Great fun back when, well, if you had some money.^^
    As to MAXes:
    They've granted us some info in Command Center 12, obviously only talk;
    They described VS as "Super Saiyan Mode", more speed and maneuverability, more damage, firerate, but higher vulnerability.
    Essentially from "Infantry-Tank" to Super-Infantry, if I understood that right.
    NC MAX can't shoot with it's shield, and it's only front-facing, but might be able to shield teammates.
    Seriously looking forward to them.
    And as to everyone saying VS MAXes suck: They don't. Only the Blueshift does. Pathetic excuse of a gun.
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  15. freeze

    ya, Exteel was fun for the 10 $ or so that I gave them...
    then I soon relaized I can't even pay the upkeep for my gear... it was an insane grind + ripoff...
    felt bad for giving them money... never again NCSoft!!!

    Test Server is kinda ****** me over, I crash every 3 minutes for no apparent reason.
    but those powers weren't active there last time I checked.
    Nice to know they revealed a little. I just hope the VS can get over their "our MAX sucks" trauma and we can finally get some AA going. that's what pissed me off the most tbh. ;)
  16. Prodigal

    In PS1 it was awesomely effective. If you ever want to lockdown a (gen)room, just put a couple of those in there, supported by an engi, and noones gonna do a damn thing against them.
  17. Rogueghost

    With some minor stat changes Cosmos and Mercy are pretty much the same gun.
    And its pretty easy to hit and kill with both weapons.
  18. SinerAthin

    In practise, they're actually very different.

    The Nebula, with its fast ROF is ideally suited for lethal close quarter action against fast moving, small enemies. It's high DPS, ROF but limited clip size excel in quick close range confrontations.

    The Cosmos is the ideal line weapon, because it can keep almost constant fire up with little downtime, and is good for suppressing the enemy and covering the advance in urban enviroments. But it can be very difficult to hit enemies jumping around you with the Cosmos, and it suffers from severe hit-reg problems in CQC when the enemy is in your face(moreso than the Nebula or other MAX weapons).

    I own both the Cosmos and the Nebula, and playing them is a world's difference.

    As for your comment, pretty much every weapon in this game can be made the same with a few tweaks to the stats, so I don't see why that matters.
  19. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The Cosmos is the most accurate VS MAX AI weapon, and second only to the mercy in base accuracy, with great sustained fire CoF.
    I have had no more hitreg problems with it than with a Nebula or Quasar, though a higher rate of fire obviously helps with hitting things.
    I like combining them, though.
  20. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Sorry, but I am really tired of people complaining about things before they are out. Everyone said that the Striker was going to be OP and that the Lancer was going to be crap. After a little tweaks, behold! Striker is the worst by far compared to the pheonix and lancer.

    How about you wait and see instead of being a negative nancy.