[Video] My opinion on what is the best weapon class.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SoggyCow, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. SoggyCow

    Let's discuss what our personal favorite weapons are.
  2. Corporate Thug

    Under barrel shotgun o_O Glad someone uses that thing.
  3. Bibibla

    Yeah, but how does is perform in big scale engagement?
  4. Kociboss

    1st time I see anybody using ub-shotty.

  5. Snorelamp

    Small correction: you say it can be used by all classes except heavy, but it can't be used by infiltrator.

    I disagree though, since UBGL nerf those weapons are borderline worthless. Granted the NC variations are better than VS or TR's.

    Problem with UB shotgun is you miss and you lose most of the time, or if it's a shielded heavy and he survives you're usually screwed. Or against multiple targets where an 10 round shotgun can let you clear a room. That plus the toggle between main gun and UB is too slow and awkward. If the UB shotgun were fired by a separate button rather than being a fire mode of its own it'd be far more useful - basically how the knife functions.
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  6. Takoita

    That would be really useful. Dem's tertiary fire binds are collecting dust.
  7. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, map UB to tertiary and it's usefulness would skyrocket.
  8. SoggyCow

    I didn't consider mentioning the infiltrator because people generally have enough common sense to know this already that he uses SMGs. I thought saying infiltrator can't use this weapon would make me look very ãnal. Your correction is noted.

    Yes, the UB shotgun is very risky to the unskilled, but, with enough practice, you can and will simply twitch your mouse and make a 1hit kill. Some will say you're an aimbotter, but over time twitching can be mastered.

    As much as I ador this weapon, I feel that if that was implimented, then this game would be called GaussSide 2 lol ( the weapon is already tactical enough ).

    What do you guys think about the heavy's weapons?