[Video] MAX: God of Death (TR MAX Montage)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klondor, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Klondor

    Dakka Dakka.
    ....or is it Brrt Brrt?
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  2. Eyeklops

    Most MAX montages are same ol' garbage but this one isn't bad. The timing of the music with the in-game animations, well placed but sparse sound effects, and decent cinematography make it tolerable. +1 dude.
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  3. Liewec123

    disclaimer: no rockets were harmed in the making of this video.
    (or rocklets, archer bullets, tank mines, AV grenades or c4)
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  4. AllRoundGoodGuy

    This video makes me upset. Just try to do a lot of those things with a nc max :(
  5. Klondor

    Mattocks, slugs, crouching. Or you could just use ravens, they're blatantly overpowered anyway.
    Tried, tested, proven to work.

    You also have access to Gorgons, there is no reason to say that you can't do this with an NC max anymore.
  6. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Slugs: 8-12 rounds in a mag
    Ravens: 8? (not sure)
    Gorgons: Slow ttk as compared to the tr/vs guns

    This is not to say that nc maxes can do very well for themselves, but especially at 4:49 you will never see a nc max doing what you did.
  7. Klondor

    While i agree with you, i have a few counter arguments.

    Each time i encountered an NC max in this montage, i always force them into fights that they are weak against.
    • at 3:50, that max was doing is mostly right, he was closing the distance and used the tree for cover. I only beat him be cause i was using Pounders on the way to killing a sunderer.
    • at 0:47 That MAX died because i was showering him with lead [in Lockdown], while he charged straight into my allied line of fire, i was not the only one shooting him, but he still did something right - he Closed the distance to engage at is full potential.
    With the exception of 3:40 i have absolutely no idea why i survived that. Something tells me he shot once and had to reload, because he just wasn't shooting me. Finally at 5:00, that max was playing entirely the wrong way. He was trying to fight a TR MAX like how a TR MAX fights. He stayed out of cover too long, trying to out-DPM me with 1 default scattergun, and a Falcon. While the falcon initially helped him apply damage to me, he missed the subsequent shot which could have been bad for me, i was also chained to a competent squad-mate as an engineer so i was also out-repairing him.

    In conclusion: Your Max is centered around being a spear head, and a room clearer. Mattocks give you that added range to kill people in the open while trying to reach cover, they may not be machine guns, but they're like battle rifles. What the NC lack in range, they make up for in the ability to literally one shot infantry within their effective range (Point blank to 15m) and significantly harm them/kill them after a few shots (past 20m). Notice how at 1:47 how long it takes me to kill that heavy after i stop overcompensating my aim? He had enough time to turn around, jump, whip out his rocket launcher and potentially fire a rocket. Luckily for me, he forgot to load it. An NC max could have ended him in 3 shots, which would have been for him: Turn, Jump, Die.

    The way i view it, you have a few options.
    Play the way NC maxes are strongest - indoors and close up.
    or Play TR/VS for the range.
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  8. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I completely agree with you, I only wish that the nc had access to some sort of an es AI machine gun. This could be balanced out by giving the other factions es shotguns? Not really sure what I'm saying but I think you get my point.
  9. Jubikus

    Different maxes different playstyles personally i do almost twice as good with my NC max as i do my TR max.