[Video] Light Assault Pump Action Shot Gun

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by HyperThomas, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. HyperThomas

    One night at crossroads just before 25/26 Double XP weekend on Briggs.
    Started 9PM, finished 4:30 AM with 689 kills... #1 kills and score for the day.
    PA shotgun is stupid.

    or follow link.
  2. freeze

    alright, ppl will give you a lot of **** for using the PA shotgun, so be prepared ;)

    a few things from me... and that's pure personal preference when it comes to videos:
    - I prefer the normal gameplay just like you posted
    - don't cut out ALL of your deaths
    - use clips where ppl actually shoot back... I think it's insanely boring to watch ppl getting shot in the back (not your fault if you encounter these guys ;) i know)

    keep it up :)
  3. HyperThomas

    Thanks man :)

    This video was mainly intended to show how stupidly OP a shotgun is at CQC... I didnt state that anywhere but yeh...
    I run around with a Serpent as my light assault usually, and play SMG Infil as a main.
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  4. Slaidd

    OMG, that's on Briggs? Wow, I mean it's great you were able to do that, but on Connery, I would have been dead 20 times over in that first tower part. And did you slow down the replay or something? Everything seems to be moving slower than I see in game.
  5. HyperThomas

    Yeah, Terran here aren't very good at all lol
  6. EclipsedTerror

    You can do that on Connery. Plenty of Helios merged noobs running around. I went around 120/25-30 in about an hour on that 6 hour Regeant fight yesterday. That isn't even that impressive. Go follow Lythica around. I'm sure he could double that in a fight like that.
  7. Wolfwood82

    Is it me or are these vids progressively more boring to watch? No offense Hyper, it's just the same tower hoping tactic with the PA rather then another shotgun.

    I agree that the PA is stupidly OPed in CQC, even normal shotguns are pretty OP in situations like this. Your video kinda makes it look almost lazy though... No effort at all. And granted I feel that exact same way every time I take a PA into a tower fight.
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  8. blackboemmel

  9. lilleAllan

    well that's a video i'll never bother to watch
  10. tZonkD

    Tbh i don't see how this video proving anything other then that the TR defending that tower was not very good at all. If you let enemies run around like that, your main problem has very little to do with if he uses a shotty or not. Personally i consider the PA more challenging than a carbine since if you don't get that OHK, and your target has some resemblance of skill, you may very well come out of that fight on the losing side. With a carbine if far less of a deal to miss the first shot (especially with suppressor). The full auto shottys does seem pretty OP tough.
  11. KnightCole

    LOL, WOW those guys were blind deaf and dumb.....I have come across 4 or 5 guys like that and commence to capitalize on it, but a whole damn tower of them? I woulda had Auraxium on my GD22S, NC6 and EM6 already if I could meet that many idiots.
  12. Wolfwood82

    I wonder why so many people seem impressed and/or surprised by the defender's apparent ineptitude? This isn't that hard to do with any weapon. I've done it with the PA as well. I've tried chasing LA who do this as well, it's not easy tracking them down.

    Given that both sides typically lose interest in advancing and just go for kills kill kills during double exp weekends, yeah a tower fight with a PA and 7 hours of strait game play will net you a lot of kills with virtually any weapon if you just tape the W key down as an LA.
  13. Thrustin

    Which PA would you recommend?
  14. Wolfwood82

    I refuse to acknowledge their existence. I've only got the uppercut but I imagine the blackjack functions pretty much exactly the same way, just 1 extra round to give it a small boost towards that OHK, and a slightly wider spread. Which, in theory, could allow you to make more use of missed rounds when firing at clusters of infantry. Just theory and probably not practical.

    Towers are built a bit differently now, shotgun use is a bit harder. You'd be better off with a CQC carbine or SMG then a shotgun when tower hopping these days.
  15. Kuriby

    If your going to Tower rush, stick to a Semi-Auto. And use that damn knife of yours... remember, 1 tap with a semi and a quick knife and its gg for your target. PA might have an advantage when shooting at players not shooting you back, but Semi-shotguns are the way to go in every other CQC situation in a tower.

    However, if you are trying to stay stealthy, get your factions 50 round SMG with a silencer and ninja the crap out of everyone.
  16. simmi1717

    I personally prefer the mauler S6. Way better gun and you can actually go against an HA head on even at a larger distance. Pump action usually gets you killed a lot if you don't land the first shot. Maybe I should make a video with Mauler S6 for a change.