[Guide] [Video] Light Assault Basic Strategy

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    The very basics of Light Assault play.

    Remember to turn on subtitles if for some unknown :rolleyes: reason you can't understand my speech.

    I made this video as a possible part of the possible future video tutorial series, so I could use the critique.
    Did you like it? Did you not? Do you think it is OK that this guide has no actual gameplay?
    Did you like the drawing? :D
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  2. cruczi

    Harosh video!
  3. Selrahc4040

    Good and solid tips here, and the drawing was equal parts informative and amusing. Hope to see more!
  4. ShumaKun

    Nice and simple. I really like it.
  5. Iridar51

  6. Iridar51

    Spasibo, tovarish.

    And here I thought my accent wasn't so bad :)

    Thank you. You will!
  7. z1967

    I really like the simple art style. You could, as a bit extra, tack on images/videos of good positions or include one or two moments where you use these strategies against another player. But the simple dot system makes it very easy to understand. Good job.
  8. Iridar51

    I have a couple of these moments in my LA Irony video, I even thought of adding them to this guide, but I decided they would stand out too much. No, I think it's gotta be all or nothing.

    I wouldn't mind doing a tutorial out of ingame video, but recording drops down FPS too much. Maybe later, when I have a better rig or they actually optimize PS2 to record without hitches.
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  9. Archiadus

    Loved it. The pictures and explanation were nice and simple enough for anyone to understand what the idea is, keep up the good work. :)