[VIDEO] Liberating Planetside 2: Utility Slot Options

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WycliffSlim, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. WycliffSlim

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  2. dstock

    Options? lol, AB all day ;P

    I gotta go to work, I'll watch it later. Free likes.
  3. WycliffSlim

    And a free reason to respond giving myself a very subtle bump. It's a 2-fur!
  4. PKfire

    FS, because conditions are rarely favorable and I like to mitigate the sea of Basilisks constantly denying me NAR
  5. WycliffSlim

    But what if Afterburners can get you away from the sea of basilisks a couple of seconds faster? :p
  6. LGhost1904

    Another vote for afterburners. It's also good for keeping pressure on esfs with the tankbuster or just getting closer for your gunners. Nice vid
  7. Forlorn Hope

    I just use afterburners for the sound.
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  8. PKfire

    Then I would accuse you of sorcery and report you to the nearest church authorities
  9. WycliffSlim

    I like to pretend I'm a spaceship...
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  10. dstock

    Get on your TR and come play Duster Spaceship with me, lol.