[Video] Killing a tank zerg - AV Turret edition

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  1. Jachim

    I've been saying this for a while already, tanks and armor are quite outclassed right now and with the new score system, people will literally suicide over and over to get armor kills, giving enormous points to the AV infantry.

    Buff tanks. Make them significantly more difficult to obtain as often as they can be now. hell, give them a 1hr cooldown, but buff them to take more hits or give other methods of damage mitigation like the vanguard shield, or the VS evasiveness and magburner.

    Make them scarier, but far, FAR less in number.
  2. notyourbuddy

    Dalton, C4, AV Max, all dumbfires, both AV lock-ons, and the tank weapons for killing other tanks are balanced or extremely close to the point it isn't noticeable.

    This AV turret? Nope. Simply making sure it always renders wouldn't suddenly make everything peachy. The range and damage aren't fine and adding some kind of ammo/redeploy mechanic would probably be annoying as ---- for the user. Rather than making it non-fun to use just balance it (whatever that means).

    Yeah, I don't have a clear answer on how to balance it. God only knows how to properly balance this atrocity that SOE has introduced into the tank vs infantry dynamic. And oh look three more anti-vehicle weapons coming down the pike. 10$ says those will ---- things up even more. :confused:
  3. Xasapis

    If I'm not mistaken, you can lock on an anti-vehicle missile on the turret. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    If the above is correct, the new HA missiles will be very effective counters to the AV engineer turret.
  4. XRIST0

    That turret is rediculous , you can use every excuse under the sun but it will never change my opinion about it .

    It may seem overpowered ? ermm yeah , sure there are counters but can they even see you or where your rockets are coming from .

    Seriously , i love when people exploit overpowered weapons and try so hard to justify that they are not .
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  5. notyourbuddy

    Think I did hear someone say you could lock on to them. But, at the range and elevation AV turrets are used this would be a highly ineffecient counter.

    1) Lock-ons don't have that good of range.
    2) Lock-ons have drop that at those ranges would result in the missile hitting the side of the cliff rather than the engi-turret.

    Maybe the new AV weapons (the NC one in particular) will be some kind of counter, but that would be a really crappy way for the game to go. We don't need missile sniper wars. Dealt with that ---- in Tribes and it is such an awful, pathethic, flawed game mechanic.
  6. Xasapis

    I don't think drop is any kind of factor in lock on missiles, especially missiles headed to stationary targets. You have the normal lock ons that follow a moving target around and you have annihilators that are trying to predict the movement of the target. Either of those will hit a stationary target with no issue.

    Range is indeed more of an issue.

    However, range makes it easier for a moving vehicle to avoid projectiles the further away they are fired. Also lock-on makes it certain that the turrets will be hit the second the people with lock on move within range of the AV turret. Which is something that you can't do with a HA firing lock-on missiles.
  7. GSZenith

    fun fact the tower don't render at 800+ (could be shorter) so a glowing shield would be useless :)
  8. Rebornvanu

    I had several situations where some turrents on a far hill bombed our squad into hell in our base. What can you do in that situations?
    I tried a sniper/medic with asoult rifle and only hit the turret at this distance, which they already repaired after reloading
    Air support was taken down by an AA Max close-by
    tanks were istant dead, maybe could shoot one or two shots, but barely hit at this distance

    The only thing I still know is the heavy's the lock-on missiles for vehicles. Or are the turrents not lockable for them?
  9. JesNC

    So that's another fix on the list then ;)
  10. Jkar

    The AV turret is a double edged sword as it is, like the AI turret it makes you stationary and easy to snipe (although the hitbox is probably the same as the AI turret, which is why it's hard to snipe you from the front... people aren't aiming for the non existent shield gap).

    A simple way to balance the AV turret would be to make it as hard to aim at ground targets as it is to aim at air. Currently the missile flies at the geometry where your crosshair points. Vehicles and infantry don't count as geometry, so if you aim at a vehicle / infantry that has sky behind it, the turret will aim at the skybox and the rocket will be 'sluggish' and you have to guide it with bigger movements and not rely on the crosshair.

    Making the AV turret missile guidance be the same vs everything (like aiming at the sky) would most likely balance it because hitting things wouldn't just be: hold crosshair on target.
  11. Serith6

    Give us a sensitivity slider for the turret and you can reduce the damage :p
  12. TownCryer8

    I think they should have a massive fire rate nerf. Currently it's too overpowered against armor, it should be used only as a deterrent to armor, not a slaughter machine.
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  13. Haba

    I had a great moment yesterday, holding a tank zerg of 10 Prowlers by myself from a mountain for 10 minutes.

    No, I didn't kill any of them, they had engineers repairing faster than I could damage. But the fact that they stood there, shelling at the lone engineer... In the end I died - not to the tanks, but to a lone light assault who sneaked upon me.

    So 0 certs, zero kills, worse KDR. But loads of fun :)
  14. TomaHawk

    I agree, and I imagine all the anti vehicle tears, beginning with the Prowler whines, tilted the pendulum back towards infantry. I am beginning to wonder if SOE knows what they're doing anymore. The AV turret is over the top with its ridiculous range, auto guidance, and immunity to smoke.
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  15. vooodooov

    Didnt we all want more defensive Bases? Dont we all agree that the base-turrets are crap?
    Is anyone really liking the undefetable Tank zerg?
    The av turret mostly shines in defensive situations. It takes a good ammount of time:
    *to find a proper spot for Placement (1-90 sec) :p
    *Deploy it and get in (10-15 sec depending on LAG).
    All while being completely open to every enemy fire.

    Than you also are very limited in your shooting angle. It only lets you shoot down ~10°?
    So the spot needs to be perfect for it to be effective.
    And hitting moving stuff at a greater range takes at least some skill. Its not at all the autohit wonder you try to make it. The guys in the video must all have been drugged :p

    Becide the render issues the simple counters are:
    *shoot back :p = 1hit
    *shoot a rocket = 1hit
    *snipe it = atm it seems not easy to see the turrets hitbox, but becide that that it makes perfect sense to me that the av-eng is more easy killed with heavy weaponry, and the ai-eng with infantry.
    But i agree that dmg to infantry becide maxes shoud be lowered to ~50%.

    The more advanced counters (akt req. some teamplay) are:
    *aaaand combined arms :) mix all that and be unstoppable :p

    I also had a blast with some tr engys :) Turret duells :)
    Enemy av-turrets are Nr.1 on my thread list. Spot them and i will get them even faster!

    Would you be happy if every rocket would cost a small amount of mechanical recources?

    Also the new rocket launchers will have many fun and easy certs with us :p
  16. CaligoIllioneus

    The turret is fine as is, powerful but leaves you very vulnerable. There is only one issue, however, that I have mentioned many times. Tanks often do not return fire because the missiles do not render. The turret does, like a vehicle, but at a certain distance you cannot see the missile, so playing pixel hunt when you don't even know which direction to face is very hard.

    I would fix this bug and add shields to the turret, like the AI one, making it more visible.

    It also gets hard countered by snipers and ESF. Balanced.
  17. PhilDun

    The problem with them is that they can hit tanks even when they don't render to the tank driver. In effect, the tank driver gets shot up by missiles he can't see from players whose location he is completely unaware of.
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  18. PhilDun

    Oh, and the hitbox needs to be fixed. As a sniper, headshots hit the turret when they shouldn't. The hitbox is larger than the visual model.
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  19. p10k56

    And Who will stop engineer zerg?:confused:

    Engineers are now most OP thing in entire game. Only thing we need is engi AA turret and suitcase A-bomb for them:rolleyes:
  20. vooodooov

    everything out there? No tank is supposed to survive without infantry support.