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  1. Iridar51

    Boy was this one a pain to make. The hardest part is the actual montage after I already wrote the script and conducted all of the tests. Still 100% worth it though, learned a ton of new things myself in the process.

    Biggest surprise was definitely Air Walking. I've been flying like that for years, but only recently I confirmed it's actually faster. The funny part is that I don't even remember who originally came up with it.

    Was also interesting to learn about Icarus Strafing, turns out their horizontal movement wasn't so terrible as I thought.
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  2. Corezer

    so now that u know more about the Icarus, do you still see Ambusher as the flat upgrade as you once called it?
  3. Iridar51

    In short - yes. In long...

    The fact that Icarus don't suck at horizontal movement as horribly as I initially thought doesn't change much. They still suck at it. They still leave you hanging in the air for abnormally long time, and going up so high for everyone to see and shoot you is not an advantage.

    Quick jumps of one-three stories are nice, but the speed when going up is well compensated by dreadfully long time of going down. It takes a lot of skill and muscle memory to avoid overshooting with Icarus.

    Just as with Drifters, I haven't seen ANYONE to be able to conclusively demonstrate ANYTHING that Icarus can do better than any other Jet Type. It could be contextually nice to have them. Just as it is contextually nice to have Drifters while Slingshotting. It hardly justifies playing with Drifters all the time. Same principle for Icarus.

    To be specific, I don't think that Ambushers are versatile enough to play with them all the time either. But at least they're fun, easy to get into, yet rewarding to master, and there are a lot of specific tricks unique to them. And it certainly gives them favor that they're so effective in direct combat.

    Icarus, for all their vertical thrust, lack initial punch of the Ambushers, and take a moment to accelerate to full speed, which makes them less effective at dodging. Maybe combining them with Catlike would help at least in this regard.
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  4. Liewec123

    i used to use drifters as my main jump jets, but now i don't use them atall,
    since we can nolonger park our sundies at jump pads like mani fortress or mani tower,
    and also since ambushers give you way more movement and also faster rooftop access.

    drifters don't seem to have a place anymore.

    i just wish they'd roll some sort of safefall into ambusher and icarus jets,
    its utterly stupid giving you things that if you use you'll kill yourself...
  5. Iridar51

    A few more tips that that didn't make it into Jet Pack Mechanics video for various reasons.