[Vehicle] [VIDEO] HIT DETECTION.. More than a bug now.

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  1. DHKCgaming

    Hey guys, this is ShootingMyLoad Emerald NC. I am a Tanker by playstyle, I love vehicles and everything about the AV style of gameplay, I love stealth flanking, I love head on brawls, I love destroying enemy vehicles and helping my friendly infantry advance. As of late HIT DETECTION has been a game breaking issue for me, it will not let me play in any vehicle for any reason what so ever.

    I play all three factions so I've noticed it in every tank and other vehicle, this.. random decision the game has to negate any effect of any hit I have no matter where it would be on any vehicle and this is honestly no longer a bug.. it has gotten so bad it literally is breaking my enjoyment of the game, I'm sure many of you other tankers have had something similar or exactly the same.

    I'm going to share a video showing how much this affects my gameplay experience.

    My System:
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
    AMD FX8350 Eight Core Processor
    Nvidia GEforce GTX 560 1GB
    16GB Corsair Ram
  2. Archiadus

    When you notice that your shots aren't registering stop mashing the fire button! It has something to do with reloading and shooting rapidly after doing so, so if you fire a bit slower / wait for the reload to finish + 1 second it usually registers all hits.

    This bug is ridiculous however and I don't understand how this hasn't been fixed yet / how it even got in the game in the first place.
  3. DHKCgaming

    I have repeatedly tried that as Alarox had previously mentioned something along those lines, it doesn't always work however, but I am starting to think it is a bug with the reloading firing dummy shots.

    And yes I agree with you plainly that it shouldn't have even been overlooked.
  4. TraatAdmiral

    I quote Higby's twitter:

    So it's definitely related to reloads and with any luck we'll see the end of it soon.
  5. MonnyMoony

    But that means that weapons that are designed to be "mashed" e.g the current Saron, Semi Auto pistols etc are at a massive disadvantage.

    These weapons have been balanced based on (amongst other things) their maximum theoretical DPS. If you cannot achieve anywhere near that because mashing the mouse button is one of the causes of this bug - then high damage single shot weapons and burst/full auto weapons could gain a significant advantage over rapid fire semi-auto (i.e. weapons requiring mouse button spam).

    Also - if firing straight after reload is also a cause of this issue - then weapons with small magazines will also suffer more since they need to reload more often and hence will have more downtime if you have to wait for X seconds after reloading in order to make your weapon effective.
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  6. DHKCgaming

    Thank you for that, I really hope we do see this soon because at this current moment it's just a complete joke to use any weapons that aren't the halberd on tanks.
  7. hostilechild

    I have seen it happen in a few other instances some of having been fixed or at least not happening often.
    Pop shield as max or charge while reloading. next set of rounds don't register.
    pre-empt reload with knife then finish reload and shoot, sometimes no register
    last night, while dropping ammo pack i see a heavy running away, drop it start firing and no hits

    These don't always happen and maybe coincidence but noticed them often enough to try to delay between switching out with items that don't "fire" or having pre-empted a reload with a grenade etc.
  8. MonnyMoony

    I hope it fixes both issues - from what I have seen there are two aspects to this hit detection bug.

    1. Hits not registering at all (i.e. no hit marker displayed despite a clear hit).
    2. Hits that do show a hit marker but which do not register any damage on the target.

    Fingers crossed.
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  9. DHKCgaming

    Let's hope we get this fix before the weekend since vehicle and some infantry gameplay is broken, making the game unplayable.
  10. Alkezo

    Is it bad, as a fellow Magdriver, I was internally correcting your and your driver's mistakes as I was watching your video? :oops:
  11. OpolE

    We had 5 Sunderers going yesterday, the top machine guns were registering on tanks but not men much. Shocking !

    Plus I nailed a few people dead on with Lightning one shot and they were still walking with half health!
  12. DHKCgaming

    Lol, no it's perfectly fine. We're by far not the best Magrider drivers. I'm sure by that video you can tell that we main a Vanguard mostly.
  13. Archiadus

    Don't get me wrong, yes, I realize that it's a huge disadvantage so much even that I've stopped pulling those weapons all together. I was simply providing a way for the OP to use the weapon without constant failure, I read however that it doesn't seem to work for everyone so it's not perfect and I'm still hoping that they'll fix this issue as soon as possible but for now it's all you can do with them. :(

    Some random information that might be of use to someone at SOE if they happen to read this:

    This bug seems to only occur after your weapon has reloaded and after having fired X amount of bugged shots it will start to mess up your ammo count by showing you a lower number than what you actually have, after leaving and re-entering your vehicle / gun seat it will show you the correct amount of ammo again.
  14. Juunro

    I have been experiencing the same thing with my Enforcer/AP Vanguard; about half the enforcer shots are just not registering and 1 in 3 AP shots don't. Which, lemme tell you, when running a full stealth tank in flanking ambush style is pretty great. The inability to gib enemy heavy armor then **** before anyone realizes what's going on more or less ruins this.
  15. LightningWolfTigrBer

  16. Yeahy

    You're right, its not a bug, its a feature.
  17. Yuukikun

    You have a patient friend! I'd never be able to stand someone who keeps complaining non-stop in my voice-chat.
  18. Yuukikun

  19. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Well that was a quick edit. Did you actually watch the vid a second time?
  20. TripleMeows

    Man I love playing this game and not affecting my targets! (I was the driver in the video) At least they're getting it fixed now.