[Video] Heavy Assault: Pressing F and Winning

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  1. Mustarde

    A minimally edited video of some HA killstreaks while I worked on the directive weapon. Believe it or not, outside of my rocket primary video, I've never really played HA for a significant stretch of time. The 5 LMG's I used were the Orion, SVA-88, Ursa, Flare and NS-15M. Personally I enjoyed the Ursa the most, but experienced firsthand what all the hype over the Orion was about...

    You probably won't see any more HA gameplay from me for a while but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. My favorite thing about the class is having the AV grenades and rockets to put damage on vehicles. Being able to deal with maxes, sunderers and lightnings was a very nice luxury I'm not used to having with infiltrator.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy! The music is a track from this youtube link
  2. Vixxing

    Whats the app that gives doublekills headshots etcetra?
  3. 0fly0

    recursion tracker
  4. Clay

    Beeing Mustarde is just an easymode crutch.
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  5. Razzyman

    Nice video Mustarde, thank you. I'll be honest though, you're title seems a little inflammatory. While you were indeed saved by your shield a number of times you also displayed impressive ability. You seemed to save yourself with jumps and crouches just as many times as with your shield, your positioning was also impressive (I still don't position well enough and make effective use of cover often enough). You displayed an impressive ability to know when to push for kills and when to pull back a bit to save yourself, you also did an excellent job taking advantage of unaware enemies. I think minus these things your streaks would have been significantly less, and that calling the thread "Pressing F and Winning" is fanning the forum flames over the HA shield. While your video shows quite the skilled player making very effective use of a class designed to do what you were doing, namely being a front line killing machine. That's my thoughts / opinion on it at least :) .

    Thank you for posting it, I enjoy watching good players play and appreciate the chance to watch what you do and try to get better by doing so. Keep up the great work, and please, stick to TR, the last thing I need is to come across you as an enemy. :p
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  6. OldMaster80

    Nerf Mustarde!!! He's OP!!
  7. Razzyman

    I won't lie, I've had nights against some players that I felt like that. :p
  8. omfgweeee

    Do you use silencer ? 90% of your enemys didnt shoot at you cuz didnt knew your location. They are either blind, not watching the map at all or just noobs...
  9. TheBurningLegion

    Anyone who gives mustarde any sort of credibility is merely helping to destroy the game. Its like back when he made a **** and bull video with just rocket launcher kills (over 2 weeks worth of gameplay), streamed them altogether and then said "Rocket Primary is OP". Then the nerfs came down and he was never heard from again.

    Same thing in air discussions. He will put his big stupid mouth in those issues when he does not even fly, then the nerfs will come down and he will go back to sniping.
  10. Tbone

    1:26 , 1:55 2:45 etc those HAs wasn't OP i think.3 of 5 LMG u are using has 0.75 ADS move speed multi. and you are using the most accurate faction in the game.The only thing i see here is that the VS HAs are F and win but thats all.I play TR HAs playing ps2 from beta and they are not so easy as this.
  11. Zenanii

    But Mustarde, several of the players you killed were heavies themselves, and using overshield to boot! How does this video prove anything other then your own individual skill?
  12. hostilechild

    at 1:25 that infantry needs to learn to aim. <10m to your back and couldn't drop you before you pressed F and turned.

    Other than that i didn't see any press F to win, just good positioning. And even at1:25 with the spraying he was doing i bet you would have won without shield.....

    I really need to try out emerald, amazing lack of awareness from most of the people you killed from great positioning. They didnt even seem to notice and come your way but to keep dieing like lemmings.
  13. Konstantinn

    He has ridiculous accuracy, almost every kill is a headshot. Everyone knows he's a good player, though keep in mind this is also a killstreak montage, almost anyone had at least 3 lives they did that well in, but weren't recording at the time. Also a lot is skill, but a big part is also settings and hardware. I guarantee if he sat down behind my computer/monitor/keyboard/mouse setup (or most other average player's setups) he won't do half as good, as most player's setups aren't as well optimized.
  14. Mustarde

    3770k, GTX680, SSD. It was a good setup about a year or two ago. Now, you can get more performance with a graphics card that is half the price I paid. But your point still holds, you really can't play infantry with less than 60fps imo.

    You, I like you.

    Rockets are in a better place, granted they can still be cheesed. I'm glad the devs reduced the splash however, it feels a lot less spammed than before.

    But this isn't a nerf video. This is just a chill montage of my first experiences trying to use HA and learn shield management. I banged out 5 LMG's, took some of my shadowplays, and voila. Don't over-interpret it man.
  15. Posse

    Well, those are the guys that complain that HA is OP, the ones that are so bad they can't land even a quarter of their shots at cqc
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