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  1. Mustarde

    Long time player from Emerald server. I used to make lots of gameplay montages but it has been a while. Still having fun in game and enjoying the unique battles that Planetside creates. I recently found the time and interest to create a video, hope you enjoy it. Ask any questions if you want.

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  2. Rebelgb

    Impressive. I do have to say though your another example of why one shot head shots should be taken from the game. One shot sniper rifles are supposed to be a long range solution but guys who have reached your skill level can use them in cqc and dominate entire fights.
  3. Mustarde

    Infiltrators are pretty easily dealt with once you know where they are. I don't like the idea that just because someone has become skilled enough that they can do well with a difficult weapon like the BASR, they should be nerfed so even at high skill levels you can't be effective.
  4. Rebelgb

    I know its not a popular opinion with really good players like yourself. You say Infiltrators are easy to deal with when you know where they are, yet at one point in that video your overlooking a railing from a raised position and taking out player after player with single head shots and no one comes even close to killing you. The problem is we tell new and inexperienced players to offset Infiltrators by keeping on the move and using cover. We also coach them to use cover and disengage when someone has the jump on them, assuming they survive the first round of fire. The real good players do this as well that's why they have such a great k/d. When someone is so proficient with a one shot killer as you are, it totally negates all that advice and really sets up frustrating game play for lower ranked players. Sure its fun for you, but getting one shot over and over inside an encampment even with walls and cover available isn't much fun and leads to newer players leaving the game.

    I know taking away one shot headshots isn't a very fun solution, but maybe something else can be done? Like delaying the 'lower weapon' emote after shooting or lengthening reload? Staying visible just another second or two? Again I just don't think the developers really envisioned people using bolt action sniper rifles within confined spaces to one shot people over and over.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Anyways a bit salty as your at a play level I will likely never achieve.

    Thanks for the vid!
  5. PanzerGoddess

    You traitor mustarde lol! What ever happened to being loyal to TR! lol. As always good video. One day I might try another faction.....maybe.....possibly.....very unlikely....but maybe. As long as I get to keep my KSR-35 title Im happy.......which sadly would stay that way forever :cool:

    I have to admit....da hell is wrong with players on Emerald....are they really that blind lol.
  6. ReptilePete

  7. Mustarde

    Pretty much every video where you look good is going to make your opponents look bad. It's mostly just aggressive play or flanking (or using the BASR to kill them before they react)
  8. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Are you going to start recording again? I have always liked your videos, even if you are a part of the fascist regime....
  9. Savadrin


    Good to see you back in the saddle.