[Video] For all those who say the vs max is underpowered + why cosmos is best

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Orbit, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Obscura

    Lol, you got about 12 kills. As someone said above me, I've done that in less time with mines and a sniper. NC and TR maxes are worlds apart from the VS counterpart, they do more DPS and their guns actually work for what their intended.

    You can obviously tell how much quicker the mercies kill a person at ANY range.
  2. kukuman

    thats because they are all tr and nc in disguise who commit false argumentation to stop vs from bein buff
  3. Sieve

    Well, the issue with using comets in close quarters is that the splash range is abysmal so you have to rely on body shots, but the reload is fairly long if you do miss. Plus, flinch is really bad with the Comets too, being shot or having an explosion within 30 feet immediately gives you a ~90-120 degree Cone of Fire
  4. TeknoBug

    Not very good, I use them outside and can even snipe snipers with it thanks to no drop. lol
  5. Rexuz

    I don't really understand what is underpowered about the VS MAX to be honest. And thanks for the video, I have been using the Quasars and I assumed they were the best weapons we had. So thanks!
  6. kukuman

    what is underpowered for VS max ? the fact that people dont extract themselves from their own problem to compare the global picture .

    just compare and you will see that vs max , is underpowered because theres no accuracy emphasis as higby say about vanus , and thus theres no counterpoint to enemy weapons in VS ai guns . in fact , all vanu weapons/veh/concept are weapons that have subjective virtues that cannot compete with hard factual numbers of reality ( tanking ratio , dps , raw damage and stuff like that ).

    They will be wrong until our guns get more accurate than all other ai maxes weapons included .
  7. TeknoBug

    Between the 3 faction MAXs, i don't think VS MAXs are underpowered, the TR feels underpowered to me, most of their guns are incredibly inaccurate except for the mercy (which is on par with VS cosmos) and the pounder is meh compared to comet and falcon but that may change with the lockdown ability.
  8. kukuman

    vs could be more accurate , then more effective as they get lower dps and higby said there was some kind of accuracy emphasis on vanu empire .
  9. TeknoBug

    Yeah aka Bluesh*t. That thing can barely hit the broadside of a barn, even if it came up to your face and taunted you.
  10. Sieve

    The only problem with that is that the TR AI weapons are more accurate than the VS ones except for the Cosmos in some situations based on this data
    The only advantage we have over their accuracy as a whole, larger mags, and higher RoF is that we do more damage per shot (167 vs. 143 for most guns) and that we reload faster.
  11. kukuman

    i was talking about overall , all the weapons .

    cause all the tr weapons are suposed to fire faster
    cause all the nc weapons are suposed to have better damage/shot
  12. TeknoBug

    I already had that page bookmarked, the CoF mods for both TR and VS weapons are very identical except for the Blueshift.
  13. Orbit

    I would agree that the vs ai accuracy needs a small buff, hopefully once the blueshift gets fixed it'll actually fulfill its alleged role as the most accurate. I often find mercies ripping me to shreds though interesting that you think they need a buff, maybe it's just me. And lol at the sniper kills with your comets I can imagine them raging
  14. Takoita

    You do know that those ain't mercies, yes? Also 'any range'? The longest distance in that video was barely outside shotgun range.
  15. RobotCriminal

  16. Olek

    Not having a stab at the NC MAX here, but I love the way he talks about the Hacksaws, and how people complain, his answer is that they are shotguns, they are supposed to be good up close, it's realistic, but the minute you speak of another weapon being unrealistic, you are told it's a game, and it does not have to be realistic.

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