[Video] Fighting Liberators As An ESF

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WycliffSlim, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. WycliffSlim

    PSA: Don't Eat Daltons
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  2. ToastyMan

    Great video, and another small tip I have, even if you're an ESF pilot, jump in a dalton lib from time to time and try out the dalton vs ESFs. Doing this you can experience how it is to aim the dalton, where to aim it, reload speeds, etc. Then you can use this to your advantage fighting a dalton in an ESF, knowing when the gunner is about to shoot and where to dodge.
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  3. Gundem

    Trust me, they really do taste like pizza.

    If you don't like pizza though, mine taste like burgers! C'mon, try it! You'll love it!
  4. Eyeklops

    OMG..I should have watched this sooner. Had I known taking on a Liberator was this easy I would never have suggested the Dalton is OP when it 1-shots ESF's.
    APRILS FOOLS....yea, Dalton OSK on an ESF may not be OP, but it's a horrible mechanic .
  5. Soques

    Not sure if I should be satisfied that you came around on this, or suspicious cuz April.
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  6. WycliffSlim

    I'm glad I could help! I really should have made this sooner!
  7. Crackulous

    Now do it with the Light PPA.
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  8. Brahma2

    Range... you cannot be killed by a liberator at range if you are facing it burning around. It is seriously next to impossible to hit you.
  9. Brahma2

    Range... you cannot be killed by a liberator at range if you are facing it burning around. It is seriously next to impossible to hit you.
  10. PKfire

    I don't know how to watch a Liberator video without it being a Dalton montage.
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  11. WycliffSlim

    Yes, and that's boring and annoying for the Liberator to fight. I hate fighting that in a Liberator so I refuse to fight Liberators like that. I'd rather get up close and actually have a fun fight. Anyone can sit at render and pick away at a Liberator. It takes 0 skill and is impossible for the Liberator to counter. I like a fight.
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  12. Flashtirade

    OHK Dalton rounds are more exciting than a Shredder hosing people down.
    If it was a Tankbuster compilation...
  13. WycliffSlim

    Hey! How did you know what I'm working on!?!?
  14. Biscuittt

    Couldn't agree more, in fact I get too darn close and try to stay right in their blind spot about 50m away. Gets me killed often but I hate the usuall drawn out lib fights. Hell, these days it's more fun than 99% of esf fights I get into.
  15. Schwak

    I have the exact same flight style when engaging liberators 1v1 using an ESF. It's rather easy to be honest, I was doing it earlier with stock ESFs on all 3 factions because I was bored. The problem people have is they think that using a2am or coyotes will help them in killing libs when in all actuality it will probably end up being their death either due to becoming lazy using a2am or needing to be too close to use coyotes effectively. Also your afterburner fuel is incredibly low while using a secondary so that is another huge contributing factor.
  16. WycliffSlim

    I love fighting A2AM users. They tend to look directly at me a bit too long and eat a facefull of Tankbuster.
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  17. dstock

    Two words: Hornet Missiles

    For the LOLs
  18. danielpxp

    Wow thank you so much for showing that video!
    I hope people now realize that it is freaking easy to kill a good liberator pilot.
    The close range fight is exactly what people should be doing and that is what I mean everytime in my posts that the liberator dalton is not op if you fight them like that ;) And being hit at these close ranges at that speed is ok, because then the gunner had a fast reaction and thinking time + pilot acting together - deserved kill.

    Maybe now everyone sees that 1 single ESF on an equal skill level can beat a 2/3 liberator in 80% of the cases.

    Well done! This video should be stickied and posted on every buff ESF and nerf Liberator vs air thread :D
  19. IamnotAmazing

  20. WycliffSlim

    Yeah, it would have been better to thrust up and over, I probably just didn't feel like rotating xD

    Man, I've been getting terribad hit detection lately. I hit a gal twice in a row and they didn't reg, I've had several hits on Libs lately that haven't been counted. It's getting worse and with the Dalton that **** gets you killed :(