[Video] Enter the Dual Comet ZOE Max

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  1. Xasapis

    Well, bursters don't get much of a damage buff either. Not that I complain. For all I care, they can remove the damage portion completely, it's that insignificant.
  2. DonC

    That's bugged it shows no explosions.

    Explosion damage does more asides direct hits.
  3. Xasapis

    You mean flak damage instead of direct damage. The only problem is that the bursters had their direct damage completely removed from the game when they buffed flak damage. So, either the liberator on the VR room has more resistance than the regular ones (unlikely), or zoe bugs the bursters and they do less damage than they normally should.

    In any case, as I said to another guy in another thread, this is the easiest thing to see for yourself. Just go to the VR, pick the bursters, pick the extended mags, pick ZOE and knock yourself out ;)
  4. DonC

    On your video, your flak is bugged, that is what I am trying to say.
  5. Xasapis

  6. DonC

    Hmm, that is really odd, there is no flak explosions, that explains the over damage you have to do to kill a lib.

    Try it outside the VR on an actual NC target willing to sacrifice himself see if it explodes.
  7. Emerald11

    Some numbers for Comet damage discussion, tested in VR with max Level of ES Max ability for TR and VS

    Destroy a Sundy with Dual Raven, Comet, Fracture:
    Ist took app. 12 seconds with Comet and Fracture, Raven 13 sec.

    ZOE Comet: app. 10 seconds

    Lockdown Fracture: app. 8 seconds

    Additional for Lockdown Fracture: The bullet drop is lower because of the higher speed.

    The same reduction of TTK have the Bursters: VS app. 15 %, TR app. 35 %

    By the way. Yesterday some teammates and randoms (3 squads with 5 Max) tried to enter a room with 4 NC Max with shield - no succes. All NC Max survived until they ran out of Ammo. The NC played as team and changed the shield Max very fast.
  8. Swellzong

    Recompose into readable English and I might reply properly to this.

    Emerald11's numbers seem to show that the ES AV weapons are pretty equal though and such ZOE's main benefit with Comets is the movement speed (which I think is very good but not overpowered compared to the other ES max abilities).
  9. nitram1000

    Sums up the Planetside 2 community perfectly!
  10. Udnknome

    I don't know what "Cool" weapons you are referring to, all of the ones I'm thinking of the VS, TR and NC all wined about them. They got nerfed because of it.

    Get a little specific and maybe you will have some merit to your claims.
  11. Swellzong

  12. MasterTater

    Compare the Saron to the NC Enforcer which got majorly buffed in standard GU9 and you will stand in the corner and cry in shame for your crappy unthought statement.

    Even after the slight adaptation of the Saron in the last update - it is still outclassed by the NC Enforcer by MILES - the saron does not even get slose to the dmg potential of the 10 shot / magazin and 750 dmg per shot = 7500 dmg before reload NC Enforcer.

    Thats the reason why it got slightly buffed - cause the NC received a secondary weapon with the Enforcer for Harrasser and Vanguard which has 3-4 times the dmg in the same amount of time compared to the saron.

    Dmg of Saron per mag before reload 2250 dmg after the buff - dmg is still far below the enforcer.
    Dmg of Enforcer per mag before reload 7500 dmg

    ALSO the TR Vulcan for Harraser/Prowler as Secondary received a major dmg buff.
  13. Vastly

    It's not bugged, he's too close. It has a minimum distance before exploding, not sure why.
  14. Xasapis

    You are right. I did the same thing, only this time attacking from a distance. Liberator went down without needing a second reload on both setups (with and without ZOE).
    • Without ZOE : 136 bullets
    • With ZOE (max rank) : 117 bullets
    Difference: 14% roughly

    Some more tests. Comet 2-shots infantry with ZOE again (assuming no infantry armor upgrade). It needed 3 shots without, Infantry weapons, it's one bullet difference.
  15. Pikachu

    I hit a freshly made pink glowing vanu MAX with my decimator rocket, he died and I got 1000xp (boost+double xp weekend).

    The only difference on infantry that ZOE gives comets is they remove the minimum range for 2HK. Normal comets takes 3 shots to kill infantry at close range. 2 if further away.