[Video] Enter the Dual Comet ZOE Max

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Swellzong, May 22, 2013.

  1. Zombo

    Yes, that was my calculator saying, too, but SOE meant it so you actually get an effect of 20% more damage, or 20% less health
    still, comets dont kill vehicles that much faster than they did always, comets are awesome
    people bragging about ZOE UBERDMG while TR get the real interesting DMG numbers? AND have fractures? i am beginning to smell BS here
  2. LoneMaverick

    You're joking right? Right?! :eek:

    ZOE can get a buff when we TR can move full speed during Lockdown.
  3. Swellzong

    So far I really think NC got the worst deal and VS the best here.
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  4. ChaosReaperr

    No more OP than Fractures and Scatmaxes... But yes OP in that VS Max's now have a way to be somewhat more effective than the other Max's in a situation.
  5. DonC

    Yup, this was the foreseen downside...

    The comet is a high damage weapon, if you add 20% or so to that damage, you shoot nukes...

    Another combination I do not see working too well.
  6. Van Dax

    It's not a flat damage boost across all weapons.
  7. Rhapsody

    It needs an activation/deactivation delay attached to it. Thats all it really needs to 'balance' it in my opinion. Being able to 'flicker' it like you do in your video as if you were using a HA's shield is a bit much given its a massive damage boost.
  8. DonC

    What do you mean? don't they add 20% to the value of each comet energy beam? if the value of the beam is 200 then it is 240 per projectile, or am I wrong?

    The larger the damage, the more damage percent buffs will affect it.
  9. ChaosReaperr

    Though I agree with an activation/deactivation delay time, I disagree that 20% is a "massive" damage boost.
  10. DonC

    It's not really massive but it does not go well together with the comet, same as lockdown's projectile speed and ROF increase does not go well with bursters.
  11. ChaosReaperr

    I guess it's about your perspective... not going well means it's most effective from the way you use it. I could for example say Scattmaxes don't get well with Biolabs since they are insanely effective in that situation. I see this as fine, the factions need specialties.
  12. crazyoldfart

    Naw, that's just the normal whine crap you here on the forums day in, day out. Means nothing except someone likes the toy the other kid got better than his. Now he wants break it so nobody can have it.
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  13. NightFalls998

    LOL at level 5 zoe, its ONE LESS comet bullet.

    ONE. at MAX LEVEL.

  14. crazyoldfart

    How quickly everyone forgets the the cool weapons the NC and TR got. Not once did the TR or NC complain or want them. The VS mumbled and took it as always cause their use to it.

    Now the VS got something cool and the NC and TR cry like spoiled babies cause their use to having the coolest toys. Now less see if mama gives in to these whinny brats. :mad:
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  15. Gurra

    You mean fun stuff like Ahnailator mk2..... I mean striker or maby you mean the sit around and do nothing 75% of the time ....,, i mean vulcan
  16. Rhapsody

    i was simply basing it off the video. A single max destroying the vehicles he was in what amounts to 2-3 shots, fired in less than 5 seconds, its a bit much.

    As DonC said. It's damage buff works ok (no complaints) with some weapons, but others... not so well. If the VS MAX now can 100% destroy a Sunderer within 4-5 seconds by itself using ZOE, then the damage bonus to 'that' specific weapon needs to be tweaked slightly. Otherwise all other AV weapons the VS have are now 100% obsolete. Why use the lancer when you can use a max + ZOE + Comet and near-insta-gib any vehicle you see + also be able to do the same to Infantry.
  17. Swellzong

    I think that it would take about 15 seconds for a single dual comet max to destroy a sundy with ZOE at level 2.
  18. Xasapis

    Also ...

    I'd thought the zoe max would kill a liberator faster but ...
  19. Swellzong

    Wow that seems slow. Took the entire ammo pool and only set it on fire.
  20. MasterTater

    2 shoot evreyone - with the VS weapons? with ZOE mod which only increases dmg on the bursters but not on VS Empire specific AI / AV? wtf-ing crap are you talking about.

    • You mean twoshoot like the standard NC ANTI INFANTRY Scattermax? - NO
    • You mean like the NC ANTI VEHICLE RAVEN? - With dual comets 4 shots sorry - so NO
    • You mean like the TR FRACTURE? - with dual comets/pounders - again NO

    => You Sir talk completely faked Bullsheit. Not Sure from which idiots you get the thumbs ups from - but they must be on your logical and mentally backwarded level.

    Growing sick of reytard lying bastards with completely faked lies and spamming every thread with deceptive bullsheit to disrupt proper discussion.

    No wonder that SOE ignores the official threats due to bullsheits reytards which round up to 3/4 of the forum activities here - blatant lies, rejection of truth, rejection of comparative logic and actual numbers or practical facts.