[Video] Enter the Dual Comet ZOE Max

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Swellzong, May 22, 2013.

  1. The King

    Umm, it's not that complicated.
    They really do die when you shoot at them...
  2. Zitroxious

    will a deci instagib a zoe max? cant be far off
  3. Vixxing

    Tried hitting a Sundy from behind with Raven or Fracture (anchored Fracture) *shivers*
  4. Hagestol

    A lightning HE shell will, so you're probably right.
  5. Udnknome

    in it's current configuration, there doesn't seem to be enough of a downside.

    How much quicker are you to kill in order to get your 2x damage? (wow, you can down a sunderer at range in about 10 secs)

    I'm not against the tactics you are using, I just think there should be more of a trade-off than the current implementation.
  6. NeverWas

    deci takes down a max level ZOE max down to 40% hp remaining.
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  7. XRIST0

    It only ever took 2 rockets to kill a max anyway :rolleyes: 40 or 50% no difference .
  8. Pikachu

    Stop using desert camo on vanu. It's so ugly. :(
  9. SolidSnake

    So basically VS have Scatmaxes that can shoot a longer distances, move faster, and have nearly instant bullet speed? yeah not OP at all right VS? gonna be funny to see them come here to tell us how it's not OP after the millions of threads crying for NC Scatmax nerf. I know the first thing they gonna say, "LOLOLOL NC complain about Maxes LOLOLOL" I never saw a Scatmax taking out ESFs, armor, and Infantry with shotguns though all from way further than a Scatmax's effective range.

    It's OP, Helen Keller could come in here and tell you that yeah that **** is over the top.
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  10. MnemeM

    I'm sorry but I can't help liking to hear NC whine about a max..
  11. NeverWas

    When there're bazzillions of bullet cross firing in basically every inch of the space, yeah that ****** matters.
  12. Swellzong

    So should I run Giraffe or will you buy me a new set? :p
  13. TeknoBug

    I picked up ZOE yesterday and also used dual Comet, very little difference with and without, I did some extensive testing with the combo on PTS as well a couple weeks ago. I noticed fewer Comet rounds needed to destroy a vehicle (2-3 rounds), woopie doo, and you always were able to 1 shot infantry with dual Comet anyways, that hasn't changed (but they did change that on PTS which seems to have not been applied on live). The TTK on a full health Sundy is about the same as always, I think that Sundy he blew up was already injured (the bar looked half full).

    I'm interested in seeing how the Vortex performs with ZOE, I haven't bought those and probably won't bother, on PTS they were a littl unimpressive.
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  14. Swellzong

    I didn't actually have dual comets before ZOE was introduced so maybe I'm thinking that ZOE boosts them more than it actually does.
  15. 660/12

    Haven't tried the ZOE yet, but dual comets are fantastic.

    Maxes are becoming what machine gun teams were in WWII: the basic units around which fights revolve.
  16. TeknoBug

    I didn't like the Comet after the changes, before change it was 550 damage with 1 round per clip then changed to 425 damage with 2 round per clip but the devs upped the damage to 475 which is much better.
  17. Swellzong

    The speed of the comet was so pathetic before they changed it though.
  18. Vanus Aran

    I dont think its overpowered.
    Some VS on Miller tried to say today
    " Oooooh man this is sooooo powerful. Its OP. "

    But no its not. Not compared with the other weapon.
    The other weapon is as powerful, the one that looks like a gun.
  19. Koldorn

    No. Bad. Bad NC spreading lies. Stop it. No.
    Stop it.

    The VS have MAXes with medium range weapons. Which a scatmax is not.
    Of course the weapons are more accurate then a shotgun. Shotguns have terrible accuracy. But, for the sake of argumentation; look at the mattock and scatter cannon's spread: 1.5
    Most AI MAX weapons have 1.9 to 2.15 spread. (Minus the Blueshift / Mercy) This means; slap some slug ammo on and you are more accurate then both of the other factions AI weapons. Unless running the weapons specifically designed for accuracy.

    "Instant bullet speed"
    Incorrect again. The VS weapons are equal to TR weapons bullet velocity in all cases other then the Onslaught vs Nebula. In which case, the TR Onslaught's bullets are faster. The ZOE system doesn't note increasing bullet velocity anywhere.

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  20. Niamar

    Comets were already good, zoe doesn't help much in the damage department against infantry. Yes they kill vehicles a little faster, but I could already solo a tank/sunderer/lightning that was undefended. Two things have changed for my max since zoe came out. 1. I die much faster. 2. I play the max more. I would rather have the nc's weapons and no zoe, or tr's lockdown. Zoe needs a buff, start by reducing the defense penalty.