[Video] Enter the Dual Comet ZOE Max

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Swellzong, May 22, 2013.

  1. Swellzong

    I made this video from my first 30-45 min of gameplay with the ZOE (level 2) max armed with dual comets.
    I think it's pretty powerful since it's so good against armor at close to medium ranges and versatile enough to also be able to kill infantry (and stupid ESF pilots).

    There's no telling how I'll feel about this once I have ZOE at level 5 though but depending on the damage increase this can push the VS AV tank over the top in my oppinion.

    What are your thoughts on the new ability paired up with different weapon types?

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  2. SencneS

    Has anyone tested the repair speed/time of a ZOE when its on and off? Because if you take more damage with it active, does it work for the amount of repairing that happens as well? Does it get repaired faster?
  3. Hagestol

    Just a FYI, rank two ZOE does almost nothing with comets. Comets are crazy good without though ;)
  4. Swellzong

    You do still get the huge movement advantage of ZOE and the ability to two shot (1 shot) infantry though.
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  5. nitram1000

    What's that noise? I hear a nerf bat swinging.
  6. MilitiaMan

    How fast that dropped a sundy from behind is crazy.
  7. Hagestol

    Like I said, comets are awesome. They are just a bit slow and they divert a bit so sniping can be hard with them.
  8. Swellzong

    Yeah it's hard to hit moving inf over range with them.
  9. Swellzong

  10. NightFalls998

    the amount of people it took to kill that sunndy was crazy too.

    Oh what? your biased NC eyes didn't see the other 5 people killing that sunndy?
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  11. The King

    Umm, make a video of it without the ZOE...
    Play a TR with fractures...

    ZOE is pretty much the great ability to move like a soldier..
    But take like 2x more dmg in the process..
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  12. Swellzong

    I agree, The King, but what makes it good is the fact that you can instantly switch it on and off.
    Turn it on, move to the fight / chase after a tank and turn it back off when you get shot at. Or dodge the shells with the increased run speed.
  13. TheRealMetalstorm

  14. Craith

    80% small arms resistance (standard MAX) = 20% damage gets through
    60% small arms resistance (ZOE Max) = 40% damage gets through (aka 2x as much)
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  15. XRIST0

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  16. TheRealMetalstorm

    no, the 20% was multiplicative AFAIK.
    Aka, 100 -(20 * 1.2)%
    I haven't done testing, this is what I hear in /re as a vanu

    Anyway, it's very, very gamebreaking. If you're VS, it's harder to tell (most OP things aren't outright OP, they're just really too effective. Hard to feel it when you're on the giving side, just like strikers)
  17. Dytto

    I agree, ZOE is a strong ability, but in this video we only see the power of the Comets (AV, accurate, no drop, not too slow, two shots kill infantry without ZOE (except HA & nanoweave), but hard to aim at close range due to the convergence).
    ZOE5 increases Comet power by ~20%, so I assume that ZOE2 increases Comet power by "only" 8%.
  18. Hagestol

    There is so little math on this, we really need the zoe 2-4 numbers to see how it actually works now. Or go on TC and test it, but people are to busy running around in squishy pink max suits to bother ;)

    ZOE needs to affect AI weapons more imo, or we'll see Cosmosv2 instead of varied weaponry depending on the situation. And it needs to add the first bullet saved on the first rank, or what is the point of ZOE outside of comets/vortices?
  19. Zitroxious

    theyre fine, just shoot the maxes, they die
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  20. Swellzong

    It's a bit more complicated than just shooting them unless they're ********.