[VIDEO] Drifter Jetpack, maby the most fun gadget in the game. =)

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DrBash00, May 9, 2015.

  1. DrBash00

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  2. Psykmoe

    Good to see a fellow friend of the Drifters! I'm always looking for spaces to use them.

    Imagine my joy when, upon returning to the game, I found out they'd added some more vertical thrust to em. Sure they climb slow but I'll take the bonus.

    The outside of biolabs are great - as your video shows, those long jumps are excellent to get going.

    It seems that even those people who do occasionally remember to look up have very clear ideas what jumpjets can and cannot do. And in this (perhaps subconscious) world-view, Drifters don't generally seem to have a place. So basically no one looks up when they're not next to some rocks or whatever that normal jumpjets could go over. This is even easier at night with some dark camo.

    Defending Howling Pass is also fun with Drifters. Or putting a squad beacon on some giant Hossin tree near a base and flying from there.

    Or on the path from Scarred Mesa to Redridge - there's often snipers on the north cliff. Kill one, leap off, fly sideways, climb up. They never expect it. The enormous terrain variance in Indar is great for Drifters.

    Also, I remember in your ninja MAX video you explained how to get more boost from elevators by looking up. I'd totally forgotten it and it's a big help with Drifters too, letting you boost out of, say, an Amp station wall tower and fly over to the main building roof. That even works during the day a lot of the time.

    Also, I like that they work on the ground. Just start drifting at ground level, hit crouch to speed up (Pull up your legs??) and ski around pretending to play Tribes I guess. It's faster than sprinting and even worse for your aim ;)
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  3. Ryo313


    jk xD
    drifters are really underestimated and i see those very rarely on the server.
    i might grab'em because they look like a hell lot of fun xD maybe with the new power knife to hunt ppl? X'D
    btw have you tried that with the knife before?
  4. DrBash00

    @Psykmoe Thanks for the nice ideas.

    @Ryo313 Yes they are A LOT of fun ;-), idk. i think knife is not that effective, in some situation it is nice to place a spawn beacon on a high cliff and then drop between the enemy lines with a shotgun.... But i dont tryed to knife, i dont think it would be very effective.
  5. iMartyr

    I've just picked them up a few weeks ago and they're pretty much my main jump jet. They are super fun and when i'm not using them for high altitude C4ing i use them for climbing terrain (they make it so much easier) and even "sprinting" faster.
  6. Kubin

    True that. For quite a while my main jets were just basic Jump Jets, when I was getting used to LA etc. Back then I found Drifters way too situational (later I've discovered it was just because I was blind to all the situations I could use them in), but at some point I've started using them. And I liked it, even though I still didn't main Drifters. And then, after a few months, they've announced that slight vertical boost.

    BOOM. Rainbows, happiness and candies started to flow from the screen as I was playing Drifter LA. By everything good and sacred - I absolutely adore Drifters now. It's a tool that forces you to think what you're doing and position yourself (since you can't flee to the rooftops as quickly as with JJ/Icarus) but if you do so, you get a cookie.