[Video] Dome Shield Review - What you can do or cant do

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Davelantor, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. RealityWarrior

    I like the idea. However 1 way firing seems silly. It should be no fire either way.

    Keep in mind this is on test and not the final product.

    Also once these are implemented it may mean a change for some un-nerfs
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  2. Tayrtahn

    While I'm not sure we really need yet another HUD icon, it would be kind of cool to have generators for these shields. That way, a small team could make a push into the base with the objective of taking down the dome shield, thus opening up the base for friendly air support. That could be fun if done correctly.
  3. Goden

    This mechanic has really separated the boys from the men in the ESF community hasn't it?

    There are those that see this as potential opportunity for some new viable tactics

    and those that are just having a temper tantrum because they can't farm kills by spawn camping with lolpods.
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  4. KlyptoK

    So wait, AA can shoot out through the shield?!

    If this is true then just forget it.


    I drive tanks.
  5. Goden

    Was I even talking to you? I didn't even read 1/2 of the first page. I'm mostly talking about ESF feedback in other threads regarding the domes.

    Funny how I say "temper-tantrum" and the first person you think I'm talking about is yourself.
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  6. KlyptoK

    Everything is about me.
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  7. LonelyTerran

    We need Domes because AirFarmSide2 has returned and bursters are absolute garbage now.
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  8. LibertyRevolution

    Your telling me that them spawn room burster maxes can just use the entire amp station like they do the spawn room shields?
    So they can shoot out, but we cant shoot in or fly in?? Can we please fire these guys that came up with this idea?

    These shields suck... It was better when no one could shoot through them and you could fly through them to shoot.

    Why not just replace all bases with biolabs if that is where this is going.. would save a bunch of developer time...
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  9. Lolroflcake

    I like this idea, however the shields should only stop incoming and outgoing fire, aircraft should be free to traverse them. They should also have a generator of their own inside the main structure of the base. Taking a base through a massive bombardment should still be an option however it should be something you actually have to work to achieve and these shields provide the perfect means for making it so.
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  10. Ash87

    Okay, about 90% sure that the shields being 1 way is a bug.

    So everyone chill out
  11. Bill Hicks

    Strange, the I thought the Dome shields was already live and called the striker.
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  12. McChimperson

    "Trees not shields" is now my protest slogan.

    Trees serve the same purpose in a much more interesting way. Southwest Indar for example.

  13. Neovius

    This is worse than BFRs...
  14. Spookydodger

    I hope they do NOT make it both impassable to vehicles AND one way shooting. That would be ridiculous.
  15. cwcriner

    So just did some tests on the PTS. These things absolutely cannot go live as is. for reference, my outfit love them some gal drops. The shields currently block the air drop in. What's more they are high enough at the tech plant that unless you run immediately to the landing pad on the plant itself, anyone but an light assult will commit suicide from fall damage. The amp station's hole is also high enough to cause major fall damage unless you run outwards onto the walls. These shields must absolutely not block dropping in troops, or if they absolutely need to be used a troop funnels, lower the how high they are so we don't need to pop med kits just to enter.

    on a side note: I feel that if the idea is to make all major installations like biolabs; this is almost a good step. First, completely seal the installation, no holes. Second create 2 main entrances infantry can walk through, and then add teleporters. Biolabs work by having the majority of its entrances outside. I've lost count of the times I've had to call in airstikes on enemy sunderers inside an amp station. If you really want amp stations to be infantry only, the sundies cannot be let in past the walls.
  16. Lazaruz

    Do the shields allow small arms fire to go through both ways? If not, snipers are going to be pissed...
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    SOE has had some bad ideas before, but this is just ridiculous. Why would it even have one way fire? Why are we taking the combined arms aspect out of a combined arms game?

    How are gal drops going to work? How is instant action going to work? So on and so forth.

    This is a broken approach to fixing infantry combat, which I personally think is fine. If you're having a hard time playing as infantry, you need to readjust the way you play.
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  18. Benton!

    Wut? I can get hit by bursters and I can't even hit them?

    Oh yeah that sounds fair for competitive play...
  19. Psychokiller22

    I don't care how Dome Shields work it's a stupid idea. The funny thing is I don't even fly that much if at all. If your getting killed by aircraft while in a base than shoot them out of the air. I promise it's not that hard. You could train a monkey to shoot them down or at the least have them running for their lives. Second we already have way too many shields in the game. Spawn room shields that lead to boring 10 minutes of waiting around to cap a point. Tank shields that lead to boring stalemates while one team plays peak a boo and the other snipes from 200 meters out. Not to mention the fact that throwing a bunch of giant shields around the map looks ugly and doesn't make much sense for the rhyme or reason they are there. I've never complained about anything being added or changed to the game but please for the love of god just don't add more shields we have plenty of them as is.

    By the way who exactly asked for this feature? What ever happened to the road map?
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  20. KnightCole

    What do these dome shields look like? Like the PS1 shields that were over bases? (cant view the video, im on a Hotel PC atm lol)

    But the shields, yeah, I have a feeling that they are kinda useless overall. I agree wth Psychokiller, in a base planes dont really fly, all you really need to do is fire at them with your rifle and they fly away. Or else dont stand in the open. PLanes only really farm fools in the open like tanks...or stupid people.
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