[Video] Deimos (new Pump-Action) Gameplay -- Miller Server

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by freeze, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. freeze

    sooo, something for you to hate on :)
    I'm well aware of the opinion of most of the players about the pump-action shotguns.
    yet every 2nd guy runs around with one :)
    don't be hypocrites.

    here's some footage from 2 days ago when the 2nd batch of PAS came out

    enjoy :)
  2. Harbinger

    I can hate a weapon, but if it's overpowered, I might as well use it.
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  3. freeze

    ya, but there are loads of ppl here that constantly complain about shotguns and when you then check their profiles, you'll see hundreds of kills with'em

    that's who I called hyprocites :)
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  4. TeknoBug

    Your hit detection seems dodgy at times, does recording the video affect it? I set Fraps to record at 60fps instead of 29.97 because it did that to me long ago.

    And yeah you're demonstrating why LA is a dangerous and extremely annoying class to fight nowadays, all I ever face are shotguns, SMG and sniper rifles. All those sidegrade automatic weapons are becoming a minority.
  5. Patrician

    Now wait for the crying from players that have tried to take you on with an EM6 or GuassSaw in CqC and lost. :)
  6. freeze

    to record at 60fps, you'd actually have to get 60fps.... the recording programs don't just magically add frames that aren't there.
    to get 60fps in Planetside WHILE recording with fraps... I dunno... don't think anyone actually has a PC to handle that in big fights.
    and I don't record with fraps, it's a subpar program if you ask me... performance-wise at least

    the wonky hit-detection is a given with shotguns and players from 3rd world european countries I guess =/
  7. Takoita

    Hmm, I could've sworn I've heard people say that the new PA have less recoil than the old ones. They were talking about TR ones though.
  8. Nocturnal7x

    or a piston o_O
  9. TeknoBug

    It's not about recording AT 60fps at all times, recording at 29.97 or 30fps makes you lose fps when the game's fps drops but recording at 60fps won't cause you to lose fps even if you aren't getting 60fps.
  10. queue

    Not a hypocrite. Hate shotguns and won't ever buy or use them. That is all I hear in game no matter what platoon/squad I am rolling with. Just a bunch of complaining about shotguns and it really kind of ruins the fun. Instead of a group of people cracking jokes and just having a good time, it is a just a pile of negativity.
  11. freeze

    what you're saying doesn't really make sense :)
    did fraps include some sort of v-sync in their program that you might've accidentally clicked?

    I'm not saying that your "work-around" isn't working for you, I just think the actual solution is something else.

    all the more power to you then :)
    I always loved shotguns... no matter the game... them being useless or OP... I experienced both.

    when they initially released the first batch of shotguns in beta they were kinda OP.
    think of a pump-action damage wise with the fire-rate of a semi-auto shotgun ;)

    then they nerfed them and I actually thought they're in a good place now.

    but oh well... as long as these shotguns OHK, there will be complaining.
    as soon as they lose that ability, you will hear ppl complain about that as well.

    Shotguns can never be balanced to satisfy both haters and lovers =/
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  12. Rhyl

    They're not hypocrites. They complain about them because you have to be a fool to not use one yourself. They hate all the shotgun spam but are using it themselves because it's the only way to stay competitive.

    If there was a button in the game that makes someone instantly die as I see them you bet I'd complain about it. I'd also be using it myself because if I want to have a chance I need that button as well. A hypocrite would be someone who says "I think Shotguns should be nerfed." and then complain about the nerf when it hits.
  13. GSZenith

    so which do you prefer new old? new here.
  14. FnkyTwn

    Yeah, but you only like it because you like /telling people "BLACKJACK!" after you kill them.
  15. GSZenith

    but when i kill with bruiser/demios thingy then? xD
  16. Mumnoch

    so are the new line of pump shotguns better than the first round of pump shotguns?
  17. WantedOne

    According to the stats, they are extremely similar.

    - 10x134
    - 100 RPM
    - 3 bloom(or spread)

    - 11x134
    - 86 RPM
    - 3.5 bloom(or spread)

    Stats should be same along all factions
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  18. Benton!

    Hmm, I still enjoy noob tubing with my compact s more then oneshotting people with pumps :p
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  19. Trebb

    RIGHT there at 6:20 is why I uninstalled a few days ago. The guy gets the drop on you, you have no idea where he is and get hit a few times, then BAM, 180º and 1 noob shot later you win! But hey don't worry, these are all side grade weapons, useless at 20m+, etc etc.

    Love or hate shotguns, you have to use them to remain competitive in CQC, which is nearly every objective. Enjoy it I guess.
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  20. freeze

    well, that's just nitpickin with words....

    if you think something is so OP, that it's broken and you're still using it, then you're part of the problem and shouldn't complain about it. constructive criticism and good suggestions is what this forum is lackin anyways... whinin about it, but still using it, doesn't help anyone.

    old one for me
    I think the Phobos is nicer... but just marginally

    still waitin for his /tell ;)

    they're different, wouldn't call it better
    both do their job, both can 1-shot, both sometimes need 4+ shots.

    there was no need for a 2nd batch of PAS; they're way too similar as it is right now.

    you just wait, that's the next thing ppl are gonna complain about ;)