[Video] Alternative Biofarm Tactics for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by omfgweeee, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. omfgweeee

    Hello. My 1st Video with voice commentary. Please post do you like it with voice commentary or text on screen more, this one will decide how other videos will be.

    This video is more for newbies LA because i`m pretty sure experienced LA user already know this ones. Any comments, suggestions, criticism or whatever is welcome. Enjoy:
  2. quickbeam2

    3 things

    1. where did you find all these oblivious people?

    2. with max or almost max jets you can get to the support struts underneath the landing pad. its a much safer place to regain your health or wait for them to forget about you and its much easier to use when the defenders have control of the pad.

    3. you would get a lot more kills if you burst more. there are less tracers to track back to you and you conserve ammo as you miss less shots.
  3. omfgweeee

    3point is good one. I'm not good at bursting but trying to learn.

    2nd point I dont care much about KDR not mind to die. Sometimes i dont have the patience to stay behind cover to recover or drop from enemy radar, some times i do.

    I belive all ppls that killed me are revived peoples i killed, they just followed dmg indicator. Its very likely when u kill 7 differend peoples at least one of them to pay attention from what direction enemy fire comes.

    1st point. This peoples are every where. For some reason many ppls doesnt pay attention to their surroundings. Even the good players are not always on hardcore mode.

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