[Video]All available NC Carabines gameplay from LA perspective + Tips

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by omfgweeee, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Corezer

    Not amazing at all, it had less to do with my skill, and more to do with having enemies like you.
  2. Heelixs

    Hey! :) First of all,great video! Nice,short,filled with facts. Sumed up! I like it! I won't be telling you that the music is a bit loud and that the spelling is sometimes messy since you already now that. All in all,very nice video. Thumbs up. Even those on my feets :)

    And now,as always,there are questions. Question actually.
    Which barrel attachment would you recommend for the Bandit.? I've would like to hear as many as possible opinions. Pros and cons.
    Btw,I play light assault with the Bandit with following attachments: 1x TekLyte reflex,advanced laser sight,soft point ammo.
    Thanks in advance! :)
  3. Iridar51

    You can learn in depth pros and cons of barrel attachments at planethead.info: http://planethead.info/weapons/weapon-attachments

    Myself I'd run Bandit without any barrel attachment; its velocity is too low to support a comfortable play with a suppressor, and flash suppressor doesn't do all that much unless you adjust for it specifically.
  4. Heelixs

    Thanks! But playing without barrel attachment at all annoys me. That Higby muzzle flash blinds me,especially at night combat.
  5. Iridar51

    Seems you already know the answer. If an attachment helps you, use it.
  6. _itg

    You should probably get over that annoyance, since all barrel attachments can do more harm than good, and at least half the time, they do. They're not like rail attachments, which all have zero or extremely negligible downsides. Barrel attachments all have substantial penalties in exchange for minor or nebulous benefits.

    All that said, if you don't like muzzle flash, the flash suppressor is worth a try. Its drawback of extra CoF bloom should be pretty manageable at close-medium range.
  7. omfgweeee

    I`m glad this video is helpful for you. About Bandit:

    My fav weapon of NC Carabines is Bandit. I use the same things you do + suppresor. Why ? Because i usualy go close range combat with Bandit and suppresor downsides doesnt affect that range. Ofcourse when u have to shoot at mid range - your dmg is lower and velocity too but this usualy doesnt prevents me from killing my target.

    BUT all this is my preference. For me stay off the radar is very important specialy when you fight close range. Anyway if u see that enemys have too much infiltrators using the radar thingy (the dildos/buritos or whatever you call them) suppresor is no longer usefull so u can remove it.

    Thats my 2 cents.
  8. SQPD

    Personally I mount an advanced laser sight, 3.4x LACO, and soft point on my GD-7F. Effective range is 0-50m. The hipfire at CQC is beastly and combined with the high rate of fire at range, you can drop TR heavies at range with this setup. You can also take down two TR heavies in CQC with one magazine, these scenarios being without overshields. I also use a Rebel with surpressor and laser sight as secondary. The Rebel can one shot recon detect devices and regen fields so it's more of a tool but it is a viable weapon. Instead of C4 I use the medkit for maximum survivability and the fact that it has less "glow" time than the regen kit.