[Video]All available NC Carabines gameplay from LA perspective + Tips

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by omfgweeee, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Caydn

    You know you can just tap it or havent you actually fired it ?
  2. Iridar51

    Of course I can. I just don't pretend to seek deeper meaning in words "close range", "medium range", etc.

    The gun can kill at ranges it can kill at. Debating how much of that range is called "close range" and how much is "medium range" is pointless and meaningless.
  3. Corezer

    you are letting the fact that you are bad at playing this class show by saying you crutch on super high DPS weapons to bully your way through engagements.

    Can you just show us some of these long range kills you talk about? even on a VR target I just want to see what you are talking about when you say long range cause I think you mean 30m...
  4. Psykmoe

    Let's just say that an obsession with one particular gun trait (raw burst damage) and dismissal of any weapon that trades damage away for other quality probably indicate some limitations in a person's gameplay.

    I've personally really warmed up to the Bandit lately. I'm saying this as some who, although not a regular TR player, absolutely adores the Jaguar. Personal preference and such. But Jag has adequate damage, best hipfire in class, reasonable ADS behavior, acceptable reload speed and the important 0.75x ADS speed. And it only loses 2 damage tiers! Other Adv. Laser/SPA carbines tend to lose 3 tiers of damage (GF-7F, Bandit, Serpent and VX6-7, the old Lynx). This makes the Jaguar and the new Lynx the only Adv. Laser carbines that only lose 2 tiers of damage. And the Jag is only 250 certs.

    The Bandit shares the TR Jaguar's trait of having the best hipfire of anything that's not an SMG. Unlike the Jaguar, which loses only 2 damage tiers despite being a short range gun, the Bandit loses the 3 tiers of other bullethose carbines. 0.75 ADS speed, which I consider an extremely powerful trait in its own right. 625rpm/167dmg is damaging, but not uncontrollable, you will waste fewer bullets going into corpses if you let go of the trigger a split-second too late.

    Losing 3 damage tiers hurts but it is still moderately useable in mid-range ADS if it cannot be cleverly avoided. Its short reload is rather long for the magazine size but not as bad as the GD-7f's reload, while having more damage per mag. Still, be aware that you will spend almost as much time reloading as actually shooting in high intensity fights. This gun is competently designed and fun to use but not enough of an improvement over the Mercenary with laser to be worth 1000 certs for the player on a budget. And that reload time does feel rather annoying compared to other carbines.
    Would I recommend the Bandit? Eh...not to players who still have other stuff to cert. I can't keep my money together so I bought it with SC on a sale. And I have been enjoying it. If you love the Mercenary but would like it to be a little punchier up close it might be worth investigating the Bandit.

    I play with a LOT of newer, non-subscriber players. To those I cannot recommend the Bandit. It's a fun gun to be sure but 1000 certs is a little too expensive for a Mercenary that sacrifices comfortable versatility for more close range burst. I tend to evaluate weapons a lot on what they add to the standard loadout and how much they cost in certs. A lot of 1000 cert guns are surely solid weapons but probably not important enough for a player who needs certs for more vital kit. Especially not with most starter weapons in the game being so useable. I've still got most of my carbine kills on the Mercenary ;) My friends who started to play in April also are having tons of fun with starter guns. They're certainly interested in the 250 cert guns, but spending 1000 on one weapon is simply too rich for people who haven't yet afforded their specialty grenades or mines or medkits or suit slots. And hey, these days they all got a free shotgun too, so if they expect real close range, they have that option.

    But if you're like me and tend to buy guns with SC (sorry, Daybreak funbucks) there's worse ways to spend the money...at least if there's a sale.
  5. omfgweeee

    Bandit is my carabine of choise. If you look close you will se Bandit is like modified Cyclone :)
  6. Psykmoe

    Well the Cyclone is the AF-4 Cyclone, and the Bandit is the AF-4A, so I guess in the 'lore' the Bandit does appear to be a variant of the Cyclone design ;)

    It's just a shame that the back of the Bandit doesn't animate like the Cyclone does when firing, those parts are the most similar to each other.
  7. Iridar51

    It would be weird on carbine. Though it is weird on Cyclone as well. For some reason, some of the SMGs in PS2 are more like machinepistols, which is an outdated technology.
  8. Psykmoe

    I guess I just like moving parts on my guns :) I've always enjoyed the way the Lasher, Sirius and Eridani animate on VS side too.

    Or the cool particle effect on the Jackhammer. They should add some kind of particle effect to those weird cylindrical nubs on the barrels of the GR-22, Carnage and Bandit. I'm sure there's some science going on with those, it's space future gauss tech after all ;) Nothing too ostentatious I mean, or it might be distracting.

    Although I generally prefer the aesthetic design of NC weaponry, my one extremely minor gripe is that the models all look very static, since they lack even the shell casings flying out you get on TR/NS automatic weapons if your particle effects are on high or ultra. I mean, it's totally sensible, if you're firing bits of metal via magnetic accelerator, there's no particular need for casings. NC shotguns do have casings flying out but I guess you gotta keep the pellets together while handling ammo.
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  9. Caydn

    Ive over 10k kills with this gun , how about you stick to your tr character and stop giving bad advice to nc players
  10. Caydn

    The explain that to the op
  11. Corezer

    This game has been out for years, 10k is nothing, plus I main NC, TR is simply my first character cause I tried to follow my old PS1 outfit, they lost interest in the game though.

    Nice try though, how about you get over 100k, you've had long enough...

    waiting for your video... put up or shut up
  12. Corezer

    lol are you CaydnX, the 1.1 KD from the server I just smashed? lol hey OP follow his advice if u play TR or VS please.

    lol 1.1 with an auto shotty...
  13. omfgweeee

    Ok this is getting out of control. As I mentioned in OP this is strictly my opinion on the weapons. If someone disagree I am OK with this.

    If someone can make GD wirk on mid/long range then good for him. I just think you must be master of tap firing to do that, which 90% of peoples playing PS2 are not.
  14. Caydn

    MY kd is **** as I specilize in killing vehicles as inf , got over 10k vehicle kills for that as I dont fly and congrats on you smashing a whole server by yourself :p
  15. Kulso

    I'd like to see a VS one.
  16. omfgweeee

    Unfortunately my VS alt is on NA server and is below BR30 - doesnt have all weapons unlocked :/
  17. Corezer

    killing vehicles with that gd7f, and then sniping the drivers when they bail out and appear 270m away amirite.

    stop digging your hole, son, you sounded smarter before you started talking.
  18. Caydn

    Hey your the one that claims to smash a whole server , must stay away from the glue young one
  19. Corezer

    yeah, as in server smash... I forgot about how dumb you were because you hadn't said anything in a while, but here you are, back with a reminder...
  20. Caydn

    Glad to see you won a server smash all by yourself your amazing :p