[Video]All available NC Carabines gameplay from LA perspective + Tips

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by omfgweeee, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. omfgweeee

    Hello. This is a video with gameplay with all Carabines available for NC from average Joe perspective. I will no bore you to death with numbers inside its not a normal weapon reviews.

    Weapons are reviewed by this order :
    Strictly Close range GD-7F
    Close range with mid potential AF-4A Bandit
    Mid ranges : AC-X11 , Gauss Compact Burst
    "Long Range" : Razor GD-23
    All Rounded Carabines : AF-19 Mercenary , 19A Fortuna , Gauss Compact S, NS-11C

    Opinions on this weapons are strictly mine and some of you may disagree with some of them, which is totaly fine.

    Hope you enjoy it :

    P.S. I want to say big THANKS to the guy shared my last video in main Planetside 2 Facebook page. Instead of normal 200-300 views it got 3k+ Its like a small dream come true for me. Ty a lot.

    P.P.S. It just pop in my mind the timer for GD-7F kill is wrong cuz the movie is slowed but timer isnt... Its ~0.3-0.4 not 1:04
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  2. Pfundi

    The music is way too loud compared to the ingame sound (and its a little annoying).
    Apart from that you give some nice advice, I think its aimed towards more experienced players, isnt it?
    Maybe you should try to really comment your video, not only write those sentences.
    Ever thought about a video for beginners? Using only the stock equipment and telling them how to move n stuff? I think you would do great in a kind of summary.
    Thats my opinion. Nice gameplay anyway! :)
  3. wrenched

    If using words only, check your spelling!
  4. omfgweeee

    Ingame sound i lowered on pourpouse. It seems viewers are divided on 2 groups: one lile louder music the other one like ingame sound.

    The reason i didnt do exactly beginers video is because i think there are enought videos for beginers. Many of famous youtubers have videos for beginers i think we have enough.

    Yeah i found few mistakes my self. I admit my eng is bad next time i will give to some native eng speaker to check my spelling.
  5. Extremite

    As far as the sound is concerned...I think the majority of people who are looking for loud music are the same ones who are looking for kill streak videos and such. For tutorial videos, like this one, I would focus more on the gameplay than music. Give people a chance to hear certain sounds you're listening for in game (footsteps, rocket packs, cloaks) and let us hear you talk about the weapons instead.
  6. omfgweeee

    I'll try that tnx for advice.
  7. Pfundi

    Yeah, but you gave so much good advice on how to move and basic stuff in that video at the same time you reviewed a weapon, thats whats really good about it. Helped me some, and Im playing for two years now ( I still suck i know :p)
    But I can understand your point.
  8. Leivve

    Instead of "long range" use "precision" instead, it's a better description.
  9. omfgweeee

    Yes thats definitely the better term.
  10. Caydn

    Strictly Close range GD-7F = wrong you can kill mid range fine why do people keep posting that falsehood
  11. Iridar51

    Because there's no set definition for what's "close range" and what's "mid range", so everyone means different things by them.

    If we take the whole carbine spectrum, we can define Razor as "long range". So compared to Razor, or even to Mercenary, GD-7F is indeed "strictly close range".

    But if we compare Razor to, say, Longshot BASR, its "long range" will fall short.

    And for a shotgun, anything past 8m is "long range", so there you have it.
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  12. Corezer

    Close range is loosely defined as about 40m and in. Sure, it can reach out further, so can a commissioner, but it's optimal right about there, maybe a little further but certainly not optimally due to the 3rd level of damage drop resulting in a 10 shot kill with a weapon that, while not particularly hard to control, is certainly less accurate than mid range and precision counterparts.

    For the game in general:

    0-40 is close, with 30-40 being the blur between close and mid ranges
    30-70 is mid range, with 30-40 muddling with close, and 60-70 muddling long range
    60-100 is long range, with 60-70 bluring between long and mid ranges
    100+ is sniperville, maybe a sabr13 can compete, but that's doubtful.

    for carbines in particular, close range ends at about 35, some close-mid hybrids (like the bandit or zenith) will keep effectiveness out a little further, but for the most part close combat carbines start dropping in performance past the 35m mark. Mid range ends at the 50m mark, except for maybe some NC guns like the mercenary with a forward grip. Weapons like the razor lose effectiveness at about 70m due to their poor DPS at distance, this is why they are called precision carbines and not long range, because while they may have a longer effective range than other carbines, they really only maintain effectiveness within mid range for the scope of the game.

    Yes, I have taken shots further and gotten kills on enemies who were similarly ill equipped for the distance, or against enemies who for some reason couldn't fight back (shooting between barrels etc) but these are outlier scenarios and not indicative of the weapon's effectiveness standing on it's own.
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  13. omfgweeee

    GD7F have aweful left right jiger if you want to kill something a bit further from you, you must be realy good at tap firing and enemy must stay still.
  14. Caydn

    Wrong they can be moving you got plenty of ammo to hit them
  15. Iridar51

    You just cannot comprehend that you're talking about different ranges, can you?
  16. omfgweeee

    This "Plenty of ammo" dissapears in no time cuz of high ROF of GD. If you miss even slightly your target you get out of ammo before kill the target.
  17. Psykmoe

    On a related note, the GD-7F takes about 2 seconds to empty its entire magazine, but spends 2.7 seconds on a short reload or 3 seconds on long. It's our only carbine that spends more time reloading than shooting. That inefficiency is just compounded when you suddenly need 10 bullets to kill a guy because of 3 tiers damage drop-off - and if you force it into ranges it's not designed for, you're looking at a ton of wasted bullets anyway due to the gun's extremely mediocre ADS behavior.
  18. omfgweeee

    Exactly. Thats why i recommend using it in close range only.
  19. Caydn

    You cannot comprehend the gun can kill them st different ranges
  20. Caydn

    And I recommend people not to listen to your recommendation , its the best carbine the nc have