[Guide] [VIDEO] Air- ganking like a pro ;-)

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  1. DrBash00

    Ganking like a pro, maby sounds a little bit funny for some of the air-aces, but here is a guide how you perform it really well. I just say Teamplay OP ;-).

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  2. Alchemist44

    Whats next? A tutorial on zerging and/or MAX crashing? :p
  3. DrBash00

    Well Max crashing is way to basic, to do a guide about it (gather 10 maxes in a room and go for it ;-))

    But i understand your messege ;-)

    I think if you fly alone and get ganked by 3 guys it is BORING, if you fly alone and get ganked by coytes it is boring.

    But if you fly with 5 ppl, and you hit another group of 5 ppl it is FUN no matter if you use coyotes tomcats etc.

    Btw. i would also appriciate things like weather conditions where lock ons wont work, this would give aces their time to shine...
  4. Ballto21

    Things id love to see, but never will be

    >Fauna both deadly and not so
    >Flora playing a bigger roll (toxic gas plants, plants you use like a terminal that can heal you/other buffs etc)
    >Weather systems where it makes flying either insanely hard or as you said stops lockons, also makes infs harder to see because heavy rain, sandstorms that arent glorified fog, blizzards that arent glorified fog, etc
    >Tank mines on infiltrator
    >More ES vehicles, weapons, etc that are unique not just reskins.
    >NS to be removed completely with the exceptions of lightnings harassers liberators galaxies and class tools like the engy/medi gun and recon device
    >NC getting actual railgun tech
    >VS getting a saron LMG for HA like the TR chaingun
    >TR getting more bullethoses
    >Infiltrators getting the ability to safeguard terminals by interacting with a friendly terminal, same time as hacking one you put a 'firewall' on it, up to 3 firewalls displayed as locks on the faction colored display, enemy inf have to hack it 4 times getting EXP each time to convert it, and in turn can put their factions defense on it when it flips.
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  5. DrBash00

    I think thats some nice Ideas. But why you like to remove NS completely?
  6. Ballto21

    i feel like its ruining faction diversity by taking the developing easy way out of commonpool.

    Hell i think reskinning the NS things to ES specific designs (different carbon copies of the NS revolvers for example) would help
  7. DrBash00

    Hmmm.... i dont really think that. Because the NS weapons are all slightly different. And not that gamebraking.

    I just dont understand why all NS weapons are "TR Like".

    But in general i would love to see more SPECIAL weapons, like lasher etc.
  8. Mrasap

    This is only fun when you meet another organized air platoon. The majority of times you are vastly outnumbering the enemy, destroying interesting small scale battles and killing less organized pilots. This utterly ruins the air gameplay for new pilots.

    It's like a rotten plague that scours Auraxis, leaving nothing behind but ash and despair behind.

    Vhobel in a gank squad??? Thats a new one, other than having him in the squad I can see why you'd have to fly with ProYOLOyoties and 4+ Wingman. But it's not fun, for either side. If you irritate enough good pilots, they can form a squad and make air a nightmare for you guys.
  10. _itg

    It's really a shame that the most effective tactics in the airgame are by far the scummiest. On an intellectual level, you know you can't blame people for doing what works, but you still can't help but feel like they deserve to have a dinosaur spit poison in their face, like the fat guy in Jurassic Park.
  11. Jawarisin

    waiting for the tutorial on how to zerg
  12. DrBash00

    Lol, dont worry. He was not in the Gank squad, because he dont like to gank ppl (If you want, he have some honer and i dont ;-)), as you can see on the map he fly alone ;-), he was just there because we searched another ganking group and we had not enough good pilots online to fight them, so i managed to talk so long to VHobel until he came with us, with the extra --> He goes first in alone and he wont gank.
  13. DrBash00

    I think the tutorial how to zerg needs to come from Kotv ;-).

    And yes i understand you. And yes i think the most effective tactics in ps2 in general are the cheapest one (like redeployside) but thats the way it is and thats also the reason why i barely play PS2 any more, i am a strategy fan and there is only the redeployside strategy....

    I even made guides on how to maxcrash and i also know some "pros" are always saying this is the cheap way, but if you get killed on every attempt to rush a building because the Enemy just have a better aim, and he will kill 3 of your buddys before he goes down, you have 2 options... outnumber them hard or do a maxcrash.

    If i want a game that is all about aiming i go and play counterstrike, or call of duty, but in PS2 there should be MORE than the ability of bringing your mouse to the enemy head faster....

    It should be about strategy and teamplay.

    And it should not be about "who is the best shooter" all alone....
  14. Discostoff2

    Yo why dont just **** off showing us a video with **** missiles equipped!!
  15. DrBash00

    Well SOE knows about the Issiue they are right busy now because they have big changes in their company but i hope they will adress this Issiue by weather conditions, where lockons are local or global disabled for some time, this would give Strategy much more weight and also aces theyr hour to shine. But on my channel i show the most effective strategys and this is one of the most effective one, you can clean whole continents with 5 - 10 ppl.

    And if more ppl. are performing this, it actually starts to get fun and part of the game, so we trade cheap 1 v 1 battles to epic 10 v 10 or even bigger air-battles.
    Or it will force SOE to change air-gameplay because it will get frustrating for a lot of players ;-).

    So howewer, in long terms we win....
  16. \m/SLAYER\m/

    PS2 in a nutshell - wins by higher numbers
  17. DonAlfrago

    Come to Connery and our Vanu Air Service

    You will feel at home.
  18. Dreadnaut

    This is the new QRY Training Video

    Didn't see you do the reverse maneuver once in that video...
  19. DrBash00

    Sadly true, but i hope they implement things that will change this....

    Dont worry miller is also hardcore, there are always airsquads/platoons out there ;-)

    Insulting? Why? So look my other Videos and you will see me perform the reverrse maneuver. And why is the reverse maneuver equal to skill and Teamplay is not? If you can do this manouver you are better as somebody who is able to hold a punch of randoms together?

    Teamplay op ;-)

    I just hope SOE implement more Things to THINK about, so you can win on teamplay... like flares that stand in the air for 5 - 10 seconds that will pull ALL lock on rockets to them, so you could use TEAMPLAY to knock out all this coyote player....

    But wait no, i am member of the PS2 community let me cry around and insult other players....

    Please, think of MAKING THE GAME BETTER, not always nerfing it to death....

    "remove xY from the game..:"... can´t hear it anymore
  20. Dreadnaut

    Your video wasn't about being "pro" it was about taking 5 Liberators and 5 ESF's into a fight. This video was about getting people to work together and that's fine. You get a full squad of guys together doing anything in the game and you're going to be mildly successful.

    "Air ganking like a pro" was the title of this video, so I'm judging it based on what YOU said.

    The title should have been "Air Zerging with my friends" as there was nothing "pro" about the video at all.

    Don't be upset when people comment accurately about things YOU said.