[Video] AF-4A Bandit Auraxium

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by CerealBox, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. CerealBox

    If anyone has any questions about the loadout or the weapon you can ask away.
    The gunplay here is all light assault.
  2. Xervous

    with the foreward grip, how noticeable is the horizontal jitter?
  3. CerealBox

    It's definitely not overwhelming. I'd say it is almost minimal.
  4. Badmagic362

    So, favorite attachments and setup? Since it is between the Cyclone and the Merc, would you rather have had either of them instead? How does it compare to them?
  5. Epic High Five

    The two questions I was wondering were asked so instead I'll ask - I had a pet ferret once named Bandit, and from that I assume that this gun is exceptionally good at destroying couches and patches of carpet in a seemingly random pattern. Is this your experience with the Bandit?
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  6. Iridar51

    I realize the gun is basically a merc, however, I would appreciate if you wrote a rundown of this gun, and I would put your quote into my LA guide.

    So answers these questions please, sort of like in an interview:
    1) Did you auraxium it with one loadout only? Is it best in your opinion?
    2) How does the gun fares as a CQC carbine? How does it feel compared to the GD-7F in that regard?
    Does the Bandit have enough accuracy and mobility to go for 3-headshot kill in CQC?
    3) Did the 75% ADS movement speed help you in firefights at all?
    4) Bandit has lower minimum damage than the merc, is this a strong factor at medium range, or is it balanced by the gun having more RoF, and mid range kills are as easy to achieve?
    5) Personal input. If you'd like to mention anything else, do so here.
  7. CerealBox

    1. I auraxiumed it with one loadout. It is a standard Jump Jet/NanoWeave/Smoke Grenade/Med Sticks setup. Since I was going for AF-4A kills, I didn't really want to run Frag Grenades or C-4. So smoke and IR/NV was the better choice.

    2. The gun manages in CQC, but I'm primarily a ADS player. There are times where I've lost or traded with other players by using hipfire. I'm sure it could do better with the ADV Laser Sight.

    3. When I needed to ADAD spam, it came in handy. Otherwise, most of my effort went into getting the bullets to land rather than constantly ADAD.

    4. I'm more of a mid ranged player. And this weapon has noticeable issues with medium to long range moving targets. Especially if the user is using ADAD spam. It is not so much the minimum damage, but the bullet velocity. It requires noticeable leading especially if you are using the x.75 ADS.

    5. This weapon doesn't really match my play style too well. I like shorter reloads and medium-long range engagements. Especially if I've got to play Light Assault. This gun shines just like the Anchor, with the Soft Point Ammo, by putting out good damage in that closer range.
  8. DJPenguin

    You must be in heaven now that you've finished the grind with this garbo gun. Not that i've put a lot of time into the game since it came out but 700 kills to go.. afgahfoafgdaoggzsgyhws
  9. Iridar51

    Thanks, I'll put this into the guide right away =)
  10. Lakora

    I haven't auraxiumed it but I would just like to mention somethings

    The gun is alright as a CQC carbine, in contrast to the GD-7F. It falls a bit short due to the lower RoF of the weapon but the 167 damage tier along with the 632RPM compensates for this somewhat as it fits nicely into the gap the AF-4 Cyclone previously filled as a weapon that functions in the inbetween close n mid range areas. The kind of weapon that's oki for mid-range n oki for close range but it fits nicely inbetween so in the 10-20m range is it's little gap so to say.

    With an ADV.Lasersight it certainly have the acc n mobility to go for a 3-headshot kill in CQC given that you take ADV.Laser n not something else, the 75% ADS movement speed is alright, it's helpful but due to it's inherent hip-fire nature I didn't find myself ADSing all to often n when I did I wouldn't be able to say I won the firefight due to the weapons 75% ADS movement speed.

    The lower minimum damage is balanced by the RoF n as I previously mentioned it fits into a gap where the drop off isn't of a concern specially if you're using it with SPA n an ADV.Laser

    Now imo it's a carbonized (pun not intended) version of the AF-4 Cyclone where as it has a similar damage tier n RoF as the Cyclone but that's where they start to differ as the cyclone only keeps it's max dmg to 6m n the Bandit 10. In contrast the Bandit is geared towards as I mentioned a 10-20m range with a very manageable recoil pattern along with imo a painfully slow reload speed. While the AF-4 Cyclone is geared toward the proper CQC areas, I see this weapon as a good little thing, it has the same RoF as the Cyclone n NS-11C with the accuracy of the NS-11C but the damage of the Cyclone. Basically best of both worlds but non of the disadvantages. Now I would say tho that the slow reload speed n the slow muzzle velocity is it's downfall, at range the muzzle velocity will force one to lead their targets by a tiny bit, not too much to bother but enough to throw off aim if they suddenly turn around. While the slow reload makes you have to judge n select your encounters. Basically you don't want to get stuck in a firefight having to reload, compared to the cyclone where you could quickly dash behind cover to reload.

    Personally I'd recommend Adv.Laser, SPA, barrel n scope optional n dependent on user really. IRNV you can never really go wrong with tho.

    That's my few cents on the weapon for better or for worse
  11. Iridar51

    Thanks, it's always useful to have the input of an experienced user.
    I'll edit your quote to make it more convenient to read, and paste it into the guide, giving you the credit, as I did with CerealBox.

    I'll send you the edited version via PM for your approval.
  12. Inex

    Apropos of little, I do wish they'd fix the Black Scales coverage. I was confused for a second as to why the other players would look at you through spawn shields without shooting, and then I remembered I just hadn't watched an MLG montage in a while.
  13. superminorities

    What weapon attachments did you use. And do you prefer thermal to 1x reflex?? [_]
  14. Redwave

    I like your videos, even subbed to your channel. Yesterday I finally got my Auraxium medal with my Mercenary, will be switching to the AC-X11 when I get the SC, that gun is so powerful. But I have a question how do you use the HS/NV scope and are very effective with it. I mean when I buy the HS/NV to try it out I just replace it with a 1x or 2x reflex sight. Do you hold SHIFT when shooting how do you do it?
  15. CerealBox

    I use the HS/NV scope on some guns at the recommendation from a very talented player, (BigIronRanger)
    In part because of the easier night time visuals, and in part of the discoloration of the red dot sights when facing different directions. And also because many sights are misaligned.

    And yes. I hold shift when I use it. If you don't hold shift, the reticle will sway.
  16. Redwave

    Oh alright, I'm starting to use it on my Gauss Compact S and its good, and how do I get in contact with this talented player?
  17. Corezer

    This gun in test was originally a merc with spa and als. I would have been much happier with that.
  18. MrK

    I really like this gun, it made me play LA seriously, it's exactly in the range I like for LA.
    It's an "exception" gun, being a very good CQC (with Adv Laser) runner @167 alpha damage, without completely sacrificing the range too much (something I dislike on Cyclone). You easily switch from hip to ADS (I prefer the 1x Reflex over IRNV for this because it comes up faster, without this little "adaptation" moment you get on the IRNV).
    Putting a foregrip push the usable range a bit further, ideal for courtyard fighting when you're often on roofs and don't do indoor rushes.

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