[Video] A sniping montage.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RoofLurker, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. RoofLurker

    Here is a little sniping montage I put together for fun.
    Hope you enjoy it, any kind of feedback is welcome.
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  2. andy_m

    I always enjoy a nice sniper montage :)
  3. MarkAntony

    "Watch out fellas! This snipers got talent!"

    Seriously though very nice work on both the sniping and the video. I hope there will be more!
  4. KimJongIllest

    From a fellow M77-B enthusiast, good job! Also one quick question, how do you get those killstreak notifications in the middle of your screen? The rage quit one was hilarious.
  5. I play by many names

    A lot of not moving targets :(
  6. TriumphantJelly

    Very nice sniping, I hope that one day I'll be able to do all of that in just 2 days!
  7. RoofLurker


    I'm not planning on quitting PlanetSide in the near future, so it's likely that I'll make more videos. Hopefully improved!

    I use the Recursion Real Time Stat Tracker with Bill Sussman's MLG voicepack.

    I did try to include mainly moving targets :( .
  8. RoofLurker

    One day you'll be able to do much more in 2 days :D .
  9. Zagareth

    I know you won't like to hear it, but you are a really easy target for real experienced snipers.

    - cloaking doesn't help you much (the blinking "pop up" even draws attention, also the constand cloaking sound)
    - litte moving doesnt help you either (other snipers just wait for the short moment, where you stand still and uncloak)
    - not using a suppressor makes you an easy target (you are visible on the map with every shot you make)
    - shooting in regular pattern only draws attention to your position - tracers are visible and people tend to look around where shots come from


    - Use a suppressor (it's effective upto 220m if you can aim)
    - try to keep up 150+m distance to your targets
    - don't shoot in regular pattern
    - flank the opponents and get out of the usual attack zone
    - do not use obvious sniping spots, be creative

    Well, there is way more that you can do, but I won't teach a TR how to become a real good sniper :D
  10. TriumphantJelly

    Following this vid, I did some pretty good sniping, so I'm happy with that.

    That and my 719 Force-Blade Kills (I need that Auraxium!!!!!).
  11. RoofLurker

    Not having auraxiumed a single BASR yet, I don't take offence to being called inexperienced :D .
    Thanks for the tips.
  12. MarkAntony

    Personally I hate using suppressors on sniper rifles. I think they hurt more than they help. If you are sniping further than 70m (i think) you won't show up on the map. At 150m you don't need it. Imo they are fairly useless. But then again I use the technique described below to snipe from the fron lines safely.

    As for your other points: I can snipe form the same 5m x 5m spot until I run out of ammo using the tried and true method of cloaking (moving), lining up my shot (standing still) uncloaking while simultaneously shooting (standing still for accuracy) and then recloaking (moving.) and of course the occasional reload.
    Enemies trace my tracers back to me? Good, more enemy snipers who line up to get shot by me.
    Enemies try to get close because they know where I am because of sound etc?
    My motion spotter will warn me. When they get close: Deep cloak and commisioner. They won't be trying that again! (Actually they do, but that just means more kills for me)

    But you do have a point. If I was sniping on an enemy faction in the same area he would get sniped by me. Cloaking alone only helps so much. Cloaking and moving makes you borderline untouchable. Only the best (or luckiest) will be able to get you.
    And only fire off more than one round if you are REALLY sure there is no one watching (I am to paranoid to do it 99.9% of the time/ I always assume there is someone trying to countersnipe me. It keeps me on my toes.)

    Do what Mustarde does here. Not what the guys he is killing are doing. Learn from the best.

    TLDR: Suppressors are bad. You can snipe form wherever (just need a good killzone) if you cloak move and immediately move and cloak after ever shot. Also cloak and move. Have I mentioned CLAOKING AND MOVING yet?
  13. Saool

    Your sniping is just fine. However your cutting and choice of 'sound' made me stop after about 2m.
  14. VonStalin