VICTORY!!! More AI secondary changes Incoming!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ronin Oni, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Ronin Oni
    Hopefully this means buff for Marauder, Kobalt, and even bigger buff for Canister!

    Tune in @ 5pm to find out!
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  2. ReformerTR

    No amount of buffs will help the canister.
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  3. Sagabyte

    Also, prepare for a massive PPA nerf!
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  4. Ronin Oni

    That's not what he's talking about.

    It has a mag size nerf on deck, but honestly that's only fair. It'll still be good as long as they leave it with 25-30 rounds. (we're talking a 50% nerf here) just require a tad more discretion in spam which it kinda does need.

    He's saying changes for all AI secondaries. Marauder wasn't going to be changed and considered the "baseline"

    They're going to change Marauder now, and it can only go 1 way (UP!)
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  5. BeefySleet

    Edit - Didn't see changes ahead of time.
  6. LodeTria

    I'd post that "Look at this - It's nothing" gif but I dunno if you're allowed to post swears.
  7. Ronin Oni


    Maximum pellet spread, xfer of some direct damage to splash dmg (splash dmg is immune to damage dropoff, also adds some suppressive nature to weapon) and increase in magazine size would go very very far in making it far more useful.
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  8. Echo_Sniper

    Add a 1x or 2x bounce to the pellets to compensate for the lack of splash.
  9. Sagabyte

    Mag size, vanguard spread, damage range, and firing angle increases would make it great.
  10. Ronin Oni

    I'd just give it splash... Air Hammer has splash, so should the Canister.

    Air Hammer needs more splash actually (Splash dmg is immune to dmg dropoff)

    Splash would help with dmg range. I forgot to mention firing angle, yeah... being able to nail C4 fairies better would be golden.
  11. Scr1nRusher

    This is good news.
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  12. Ranik

    Probably won't matter much with the MBT main cannon nerfs. The AI secondaries will now be mandatory and Combined arms will now be dumbed down since you have less viable builds.
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  13. Ronin Oni

    Eh, I think it'll add more rock-paper-scissors maybe.

    AI secondary tanks will become more common, giving full AV specced tanks more advantage in more tank fights, which in turn will be more vulnerable to Infantry.

    If they buff AI secondaries proper, then the only thing we'll really need is some way to change loadouts. (out of combat obviously)
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  14. Ranik

    No, my point was that if the main cannons lose 30% stopping power vs the biggest threat in the game (infantry) then AI secondaries will become mandatory. Their is no real rock paper scissors here since you are losing elsewhere and now HAVE to rely on AI secondaries. The reality of the matter is your build choices are getting narrower and your gaming experience worse.

    It'd be one thing if AV weapons were nerfed in tandem with MBT AI nerfs and AI secondary buffs. That's not the case though apparently. And this is more than likely another dumbing down of tanking and combined arms gameplay.
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  15. Scr1nRusher

    I hope they don't go threw with them and the rocket changes, which are utterly stupid.
  16. Ronin Oni

    From what I understand direct hits will still kill, only splash was nerfed (yet again)

    If I'm going AI I might still use HEAT/HE because paired with AI secondary splash it could actually still help...

    but so long as direct hits kill, my AP + AV secondary tanks won't notice any real difference....

    except for the fact that there might be more AI tanks to hunt if they actually become viable.

    As it is, there's almost nothing but AV MBT's relying purely on direct hit skill shots for fighting infantry... and from as far as possible.
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  17. Clay

    Proton Nerf incoming.

    dem vanu tears :D
  18. Ranik

    Yet that didn't address my point. MBT's are losing AI power. AV is not losing power. AI secondaries are getting small buffs.

    The range of viable options is getting narrower since you are now losing even more self defense ability with HEAT. That fact remains.
  19. Sagabyte

    Wait... The #yeswecanister advocation worked?!

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  20. Gundem

    Honest to God, if they are buffing the Canister because of that pun, I will find you, and I will do unspeakable things to you with a PPA.

    Unspeakable things.
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