Viability of 2x > scopes

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  1. Laraso

    Are you implying that it's hard to use the Gauss SAW with ironsights?
  2. JP_Russell

    I use the 6x on the SAW and the 4x on the Mercenary sometimes. The recoil on the SAW using high magnification scopes is just something you have to get used to. You're not actually recoiling anymore than with iron sights, of course, but the recoil is being magnified while your effective mouse sensitivity is scaling down with the magnification level. Thus, you have to pull down harder to keep it steady, and this can be both difficult to get used to and hard to keep up.

    The best advice I can give is to just practice in VR, a lot. Obviously you can only get so much out of shooting stationary dumbies, but so long as you already have a good grasp of recoil compensation and burst-firing (I.E., you don't just understand the idea of them, but have actually trained yourself to be able to keep recoiling weapons fixed on the same point naturally and consistently), all you need to get started is to drill into your head and your muscle memory how the weapon is going to behave using the scope and what you need to do to consistently control it. And you get that by just practicing.

    As far as a more specific tip, I find initially aiming just below where you actually want to keep your reticule while firing to aim for a specific area on your target (which I assume is center mass, so aim more toward the groin or legs) when using the 6x helps a lot because you're probably not going to perfectly compensate for that initial massive kick at that magnification (at least, I'm not able to yet).

    Something to keep in mind about the 6x scope is that it enjoys the same benefit as the IRNV of not being part of the viewmodel, but simply an overlay onto a static screen. This makes recoil less detrimental because your reticule isn't attached to a gun model that's doing a slight bouncing and wobbling animation on top of the camera itself recoiling. Aside from this, the main advantage of the 6x scope over just trying to shoot at long ranges with a 2x is in the fact that the camera pans in rather large increments in this game relative to the screen width. This inhibits fine aiming at lower magnifications enough to make you miss more shots while leading targets at long distances than you need to, and the 6x basically gets rid of that issue once you can handle the recoil, with the only thing making you miss shots randomly being the horizontal recoil.

    I personally also value the 6x because it gives a clearer picture of the target's movements, which makes it easier to react to them and lead accordingly (and I don't have to use fine aim to do so), and it lets me see exactly where my tracers are going and how fast they're moving, giving me a better sense of where to lead each shot even in the 200-300 meter range, something I would be playing much more by ear with a low magnification.
  3. Armchair

    1x NV scope for indoors.
    2x for general purpose
    3.4x for outdoors

    ^That's my preference for automatic weapons.

    Bolt-action: MAXIMUM ZOOM.
  4. Zaik

    i'm implying that it's hard to use any weapon in this game with iron sights, you have to completely obscure anything you are trying to shoot at to hit it.
  5. p10k56

    My rhino does not have access to 2xreflex sight but one could have more then 4x. Also unlocked compensator to realize some dark magic change it to flash suppressor:confused:
  6. Laraso

    Maybe for you, but I find ironsights very easy to use on most weapons, and that includes the Gauss SAW. What works for me may not work for you, but the point was that the screen shake is so minimal while using ironsights that it's easy to keep on target at long range, but you can't stay on target with anything if you're using a 6x because of all the screen shake.

    EDIT: Also, good ironsights conceal way less of your target than a reflex sight. The Gauss SAW ironsights have a tiny dot that leaves the majority of your target visible, even at range. The dots on the reflex sights are big and conceal most of your target at longer ranges, especially the LACO 3.4x which in my opinion is probably the worst sight in the game.
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  7. Zaik

    maybe your settings are really weird and make the dots too large or something?

  8. AtroposZero

    Why is the increased screen shake with high powered scopes surprising anyone? In reality, high-powered scopes are used primarily on bolt action / single shot rifles - there is no reason to use them on the kind of machine guns that most people are using in video games. Of course the damn thing is going to shake around like an earthquake, you're experiencing a small amount of recoil that is visually magnified by 4 or 6x.
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  9. MikSchultzy

    I tend to reflex everything I can. I do have a 3.4 for my Pulsar C - I find it to be exceptional on semi auto with my eng. Though I have the same gun set up on my LA with a reflex and find good results there too.

    That said, I agree that most anything above 2x/3.4x to be useless unless I am using a sniper rifle - even then it can be tedious.
  10. Vearo

    The problem isn't increased screenshake/increased visual recoil, it's a weird change in the actual recoil of the gun. If you use reflex/iron sights you have to compensate a certain amount to keep on your target. With a higher magnification zoom, you need to pull MORE to keep on target. It doesn't make any sense, as no matter what zoom you use you should have to correct by the same amount.

    It pretty much makes me ignore 3.4+ magnification scopes with the exception of single-fire weapons.
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  11. Laraso

    It's a good thing this isn't reality, isn't it? It's a video game, and gameplay is more important than realism.
  12. Kronic

    I agree fully. IDK how I'm seeing dudes with a 3.4x scope on a freaking Trac5 lol, I can't use anything over 2x for the life of me unless it's on a sniper rifle. Even 2x pushes it a bit for me on most weapons. 1x reflex/IRNV are definitely the best imo. Also the fact you have to move the mouse more with high magnification scopes throws my aim off.
  13. Sebyos

    Same for every VS AR. I only use the 1x even if I play medium long range because the rest sucks.
  14. Lantesh

    I noticed this too. I was using a 4x scope and found that I had a hard time with it. Went back to ironsights and did much better. Thought it was just me being terrible with scopes, but I guess it's an actual issue based on what I'm reading here.
  15. Laraso


    Screenshots don't show how things function in-game.

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  16. Babaganoush

    I have a 6x on my SABR-13 and it's terrible.

    I do a lot better when I attach my 2x instead. That kickback on that shoddy weapon is bleh.
  17. }{ellKnight

    Hmm... how can I put this.

    Well, I use 2x scope on all my guns except those that don't allow it.
  18. JP_Russell

    I think it makes perfect sense - the gun recoils by a set amount, and scopes give you a magnified view of that recoil (all scopes do in video games is decrease your field of view, afterall) at the same time that they scale your mouse sensitivity down proportionally.

    Personally, I don't think it would be a great idea to scale the recoil to the magnification the same way they do the sensitivity. Remember that vertical recoil isn't the only thing to consider - horizontal recoil is a huge balancing factor to keep automatic weapons from being too effectively burst-fired at great ranges. You certainly can't scale horizontal recoil to the magnification level, or automatic weapons with high powered scopes would just be ridiculously effective for people with good recoil compensation and leading. And really, the horizontal recoil is what's going to make you miss the most, because the vertical recoil can just be adapted to, with practice.
  19. Zaik

    #1: you should probably not use it without the advanced forward grip just to make a point, it helps with vertical recoil too.

    #2: what does this have to do with obscuring the target?
  20. Laraso

    I am using the advanced forward grip in both tests.
    It doesn't have anything to do with concealing the target. It has everything to do with my first paragraph.